Winnah Winnah!

Thank you all so much for joining my first giveaway! I was so excited that so many of you participated. I wish I could give everyone something but I can't =(.

I started this blog thinking that it wouldn't be much of anything, just another random girl babbling away about makeup, life and more makeup; but I have met so many wonderful people through this community and that I think is the most important! Friends are gifts so thank you all for your friendship and enthusiasm!

Ok, enough sentimental mushy talk, I know you all wanna know who won. Like I said when I first posted this giveaway, the winners were randomly selected through random.org, though I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your favorite memories!

So let's start off with 3rd place.....Congratulations to Marce!

You are the winner of

1)The Body Shop Creme Blush in Sunset Pink
2) ELF Super Glossy Lipshine in Goddess
3) Wet n'Wild Shimmer Dust in Golden Poppy
4) Rimmel Sweet Jelly Lipgloss in Sweetie
5) NYX Eyeshadow in Fantasy
6) A Black Writersblok lined Journal

Second Place belongs to....Aero! Congratulations!
You are the winner of:
1) Urban Decay Ultraglide Lipgloss in Video
2) Lorac Eyeshadow in Beige
3) Rimmel Volume Booster Lipgloss in Seduce
4) Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Venetian Blue
5) ELF Complexion Perfection Compact
6) A Green Writersblok lined journal

Finally, first place belongs to......Kat!

You are the winner of:
1-A Maybelline Eyestudio Duo in Carbon Frost
2- NYX Lipstick in Clio
3- Coastal Scents lipgloss in Strut on Nude
4- Urban Decay Ultraglide Lipgloss in Deep
5-NYX Ultimate Pearl Shadow in Gold Pearl
6-Urban Decay Baked Body Glow (A Self Tanner in a stick lol)
7- A Red Writersblok lined journal

So winners, please contact me at scai1018[at]gmail[dot]com! You have 48 hours to contact me. If I do not hear from you, new winners will be selected!

Thanks all for participating again! <3


  1. congrats to the winners!!!

    btw - i love your bloggy!

  2. Thank you for the great giveaway !!

    I feel as if it is a very happy unbirthday present hehe
    Did you like Alice in Wonderland???


Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog. I read all my comments and appreciate each and every one! ^_^

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