Ten Honest Truths Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Megan to do this. If you guys haven't checked this hot mama out you definitely should! =)

(insert a random picture just so this isn't boring...lol!)

this was me in the summer, pretty different huh?

On to the facts!
1) I am Chinese, not Korean. It seems a lot of people think that I'm Korean, even the ladies at my nail place have asked me in Korean if I am. It's flattering though ^^

2) If you are my friend/significant other I will go to the ends of the earth for you. I am super loyal but if you screw me over, it takes a lot to get back on my good side

3) I love music and am really deep into lyrics. I will always find a song to find how I feel lol.

4) I hate ignorant people. I despise it. I think if people opened their minds to try new things or to learn something the world would be a better place. Instead of laughing or making fun of something you don't know about, try to learn about it first.

5) I am petrified of heights, ugly crawly things, ghosts, and death...stuff skeeves me out

6) I've been with my fiance for over 6 years now. I've known him for 9. Yes that is a long time =)

7) I'm such a sap, I cry about anything. Make me watch a Disney movie and sure enough you will find me crying at some point. The first ten minutes of Up makes me sob.

8) I love video games, especially fighting games and rpg's. I'm so excited about FFXIII! My current fix is Tekken 6, Lars Alexandersson all the way ^^

9) I'm a hopeless romantic I guess that goes with me being a sap about everything.

10) I am a sports watcher. You will never have to worry about me complaining about watching sports. I love watching MMA/UFC, especially lately. My favorite fighters are George St-Pierre (aka GSP) and Forrest Griffin. Something about it draws me in

Now I really tag any of you lovely bloggers to do this. I would love to read facts about you!


  1. I love #4. I don't understand how people like that can be so arrogant in their ignorance. It's maddening.

    You don't like ghosts, but do you like ghost stories??? I wrote a few posts last August and October about my ghostly encounters. I may have imagined them, but they sure seemed real.

  2. I love UFC! :) I dont think I've ever met another girl who's into it. Admittedly I havent watched it in quite a while though, I guess I fell off the wagon.

    GSP is the most adorable little man ever, great fighter too.

  3. oh my gosh, i am a girl gamer myself, been using lili a lot recently :3 and yay for your fiancee!!

  4. Aw, you look so pretty with your Jennifer Aniston summer hair.

    I never put much thought into it before, but I would have never guessed you to be Chinese, I'm not very good at playing guess the race.
    I played a lot of Tekken growing up, but think my favorite for combat is Dead or Alive for Xbox, the girls get to have the cutest outfits too.
    Thanks for doing the tag, it was fun to read.

  5. it's very jennifer aniston, hehe.

    I cry during that part of UP everytime too! Also at the end. I'm a sap as well. I wish I had more control over it. Mulan made me cry too.

    I think the rpgs would be fun if I actually got into it. My sister is so excited about FF that she wants to buy a PS3 when it comes out...
    I only played like Monkey Island...


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