Revlon PhotoReady Vs. Mac Studio Fluid Fix

Like I promised, today I will be reviewing these two foundations for all you wonderful bloggers. I have always found it hard for me to find a foundation that truly matched my complexion. I was always suggested one that was too light or at times even too dark. So I ended up with either looking like a Chinese porcelain doll or a girl who went for a mud bath and left the residue on her face. Heh...-___-

Being that I had so much trouble in the past with foundation, I rarely wore it or thought about buying it until I really started getting into cosmetics and watching all these Guru's on YouTube. That's when I brought myself to the Mac store and asked one of the artists to match my skin up. *Plays the Holy Grail Music* She found my match in the Mac Studio Fluid Fix in NC25. The foundation is 26 USD, which to me is pretty reasonable for an awesome quality foundation. Here is a swatch of it below. It looks a bit light, but it blends unbelievably on my face and provides great coverage.

What do I love about the Studio Fix? Well, there is SPF in it. It doesn't have some weird perfume scent, to me it just smells like Lubriderm lotion. Plus I haven't broken out using this foundation at all. I think it also takes well with photos too. I don't look ghastly white with the flash photography. The only thing that I would say is that it can sometimes look cakey if you don't blend it in well enough. When I feel it looks like that I use my Evian facial spray (my water in an aerosol can lol) and mist it on my face. Usually that fixes it.

When Revlon came out with their Photo Ready foundation, I knew I had to get it and try it. Partly cause I'm too cheap right now to shell out the $40.00 for the MUFE high def foundation. I figured I try the cheaper alternative too. The Revlon Photo Ready is priced between 13-15 USD depending on where you purchase it. I originally picked out the Photo Ready in 004 Nude because I read on Makeup Alley that it was a match for people who use the Mac NC25 Studio Fix. I dunno why it didn't work out for me, but I felt the Nude was a bit light for me. Maybe it's the undertone of my skin, but it didn't match so I decided to get it in the next level up in 005 Medium Beige.

It looks darker than the Mac foundation but when I blend it out, it turns out lighter? If you ladies do try this foundation, I must stress, MOISTURIZE! If you don't this foundation will emphasize your dry patches and areas. If you don't moisturize forget it, you will hate this foundation. Just saying lol. And of course how could I forget, the Edward Cullen Sparkles? They're there. They aren't so noticeable on my face, but it's very shimmery on my arm/hand when I swatch it. I don't have a problem with it in photographs either. If you feel that it does look a bit shimmery to you, you can negate it with a matte translucent powder. It helps a lot!  This foundation doesn't have as much coverage as the Studio Fix, but you to have the ability to layer. It also has SPF as well and there is really isn't any scent at all which is a big plus for me. The pump is fantastic, I can dispense as little or as much as I want.  All in all, it's pretty nice for a drugstore foundation if you find your right shade. Revlon did a big mistake by not having a wide spectrum of colors for people to choose from.

Here is the comparison of the two. Sorry about the blur
Of the two blended
If you enlarge the picture with the foundation blended you will see the "sparkling diamonds."

Here are two pictures of me wearing the Revlon. See, no Edward Cullen pastiness in site!

My Sexy Pose lol. Of course I'm sporting the Lizzy Loves Darcy Necklace from Steph

Zoolander anyone? Here are the matching earrings too ^^

Here are two pictures of me wearing the MAC Studio Fix

Hope you guys enjoyed, if you tried any of the foundations, let me know what you think of them ^^ I would love to hear your opinion!


  1. I love Revlon's photo ready foundation! It blends in with my skin very well!

    Haha, Edward Cullen sparkles! :D

  2. this post makes me like mac's foundation more. but I'm still gonna test out the revlon one to cure my curiosity. really great review! mufe's foundation is really forgiving when it comes to picking out your shade. that may be why I'm never sure what it is!

  3. ooooh thank you for making this review! I saw the commercial and got really intrigued by it. How was the coverage is it sheer? I got the Stay matte from Rimmel and to me its sheer. I love MAC studio fix fluid for life! its my HG foundation! Never broke out with it too.... the only thing i dont like about it is the fact it feels heavy on the face >_<

  4. Thanks for the reviews! I have MAC Studio Fluid Fix sample but haven't tried it, wonder if it'll work on me.
    Btw, thanks for your congrats :)

  5. on my skin, the 005 is darker on me than 008 o.O I think it has something to do with the bottle... it was the last 005. i was thinking about getting 006 for the summer since I get tan. It's true... def. need a good moisturizer before applying this foundation. Have you tried that revlon foundation that you can create your own shade... kind of?

  6. I use the same Mac colour and I love your lipstick! What brand and shade is it?..

  7. Thanks for checking out my site! The lipstick is Rimmel's Pink Chic =D


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