Giveaway Time!

Ok after procrastinating with this giveaway for like three days, it's finally time for me to post it. =) All the products in my giveaway are new and have never been opened.  Also in the prizes I included mini journals. I am an avid journal carrier, whether it's for notes, my thoughts, or even songs I want. I figured maybe you girls would like a pocket sized book to jot down all the makeup you want! There will be three winners for this giveaway and I think this is a pretty simple contest ^^.

So the deets:
1) You need to be my follower. If you want to enter, just follow me! ^___^
2) Tell me what is your favorite childhood memory. Though the winners will be randomly generated, I figured this would be more interesting to read instead of "enter me"
3) You will have additional entries if you post my giveaway on your blog/twitter/facebook. If you repost, please comment with the link under this entry as well.
4) This is open internationally
5) The contest will end March 19, 2010

Now that we got all that out of the way, I guess you guys want to know what the prizes are huh?

First prize is all this stuffz!
So if you win first prize you will receive
1-A Maybelline Eyestudio Duo in Carbon Frost (After Megan gave this to me I had to share it's awesomeness!)
2- NYX Lipstick in Clio
3- Coastal Scents lipgloss in Strut on Nude
4- Urban Decay Ultraglide Lipgloss in Deep
5-NYX Ultimate Pearl Shadow in Gold Pearl
6-Urban Decay Baked Body Glow (A Self Tanner in a stick lol)
7- A Red Writersblok lined journal

Second Place will receive:
1) Urban Decay Ultraglide Lipgloss in Video
2) Lorac Eyeshadow in Beige
3) Rimmel Volume Booster Lipgloss in Seduce
4) Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Venetian Blue
5) ELF Complexion Perfection Compact
6) A Green Writersblok lined journal

Third Prize contains:
1)The Body Shop Creme Blush in Sunset Pink
2) ELF Super Glossy Lipshine in Goddess
3) Wet n'Wild Shimmer Dust in Golden Poppy
4) Rimmel Sweet Jelly Lipgloss in Sweetie
5) NYX Eyeshadow in Fantasy
6) A Black Writersblok lined Journal

That's it! Please spread the word on this giveaway and good luck to all of you! If you have any questions please email me or twitter me and I will happily answer them for you! Take care everyone <3


  1. 1) I'm a follower! :D

    2) My favorite childhood memory was when I was in Taiwan, and my grandpa was watching over me while I was playing! I don't even know how I remember that, but I do!

    3) I twittered about your giveaway: http://twitter.com/hellodenysia/status/9372778319

  2. Hi ,
    Iam a follower shaim

    My favorite childhood memory was when I have a great friend he was elder than me about 29 or more I don't remember he was a painter and sketching perfectly the portrait he allow me to use his drawing staff and said that iam a future artist .

    I tweet about it


  3. Hi :) I'm already a follower~
    My email address is cows_4_all [at] hotmail [dot] com ^^

    I have so many wonderful childhood memories haha. It's hard to choose just one. One of my favorites had to be when my friends and I listened to Britney Spears, N'sync, and Backstreet Boys. We would make up dance routines and we would force our parents to sit in the living room while we put on our performance. Ah, good times XD

    Thanks for the giveaway~

  4. 1) I'm a follower
    2) My third grade Thanksgiving Pot Luck party at school/in my class. So much food and fun!
    3) I tweeted your giveaway: http://twitter.com/maggsmakeup/status/9391692414

    So generous of you! Good luck to all the other ladies! ^^

  5. * I'm a follower
    * My dad always let us pick out our christmas gifts from a really cool catalogue from his workplace. we were always excited to finally get our gifts. I love my dad!

    will post about the giveaway soon.

  6. Thanks for the birthday wish to my mom. You're so sweet, hun! =)

    1. I'm definitely a follower of your blog. Great blog!

    My fave childhood memory?? Lol, I loooooved the piggy-back rides my dad used to give me. I would giggle like a little piggy, too. He loved it. Just seeing him and me laughing and goofing around makes me nostalgic for my childhood. Even to this very day, he'll sometimes ask if I want to jump on his back for a piggy-back ride for "old time's sakes", according to him. But I have to declined since he's older now. If I jump on his back, I might crush him to death. I'm no longer the 80-lb pre-teen! :p

  7. I am a follower!

    When I was a kid, I used to eat the three leaf clovers. They tasted *good* but my aunt called me a goat lol

  8. I've posted your giveaway on my blog :)

  9. Yay Steph for your first giveaway!

    My favorite childhood memory... kind of hard because I was pretty spoiled so probably just spending time with my dad. He worked a lot and he worked afternoons and evenings when I got home from school he went to work so I guess weekends were my favorite part about childhood.

    Blogged it here
    Tweeted... um you have my name on there, not sure how else to let you know I did it.

  10. I follow, duh! I also Retweeted it! :) You can find it under the "retweets" section on your twitter.

    My favorite childhood memory is when my dad took my brother and I camping in the backyard. I think I was like 2 or 3 so the memory is faint but it still lingers. :)

    I could post it up on my blog if I ever update, lol.

  11. I'm a follower :)

    My favourite childhood memory was when my family and I went to Australia together with one of my little cousins (the other wasn't born yet :P). My dad got this cute little house in Melbourne which we stayed at and my gosh, the most fun I've ever had. Rewatching all the videos from that trip (esp. in that house) was hilarious with all the failed cartwheel attempts and stuff XD

  12. I'm a follower

    i blogged about it here: http://vida-dolce.blogspot.com/2010/02/g.html

    my favorite childhood memory was dancing for the prime minister.

    email: face.graffiti@yahoo.com

  13. 1) Follower - CHECK!

    2) My favorite childhood memory was when I was 9 years old, my family and relatives held a Christmas Party at our own backyard and it was hella fun! Me and my cousin danced to BSB's "Get down" and was choreographed by yours truly. LMAO! Fun times!

    3) I tweeted about this giveaway- http://twitter.com/Jbreezeebaby24/status/9427497027

    4) I also posted this giveaway on the right side bar of my blog-

    YAAY! :))

  14. enter me please :)
    hmmm fave memory....i have so so many, but the best are from the holidays, when all the family gets together

  15. entered, linked in side bar, contact me at eleanorruth@msn.com if i win please (:

    hmm, favourite childhood memory. every year as a kid my family used to go to the spain child friendly hotel in spain with our aunts, uncles, cousins etc, and it was great cos we all see each other loads at home, but now we got to hang in the sun basically (cos irish weather is shite) and by the time i was like 9 or 10 i knew the whole hotel area and little village and beach beside it like the back of my hand, so we never got lost or anything :)

  16. entered, linked in side bar, contact me at eleanorruth@msn.com if i win please (:

    hmm, favourite childhood memory. every year as a kid my family used to go to the spain child friendly hotel in spain with our aunts, uncles, cousins etc, and it was great cos we all see each other loads at home, but now we got to hang in the sun basically (cos irish weather is shite) and by the time i was like 9 or 10 i knew the whole hotel area and little village and beach beside it like the back of my hand, so we never got lost or anything :)

  17. I am a follower! My favorite memory is when I went sledding with my friends!

    email: chunkyxmunki(@)gmail(dot)com

  18. Hi! I'm a follower. Nice blog you have. =)
    My fav childhood memory - every year during summer, my whole family will rent a bungalow by the beach and we will have a barbecue party. Now, theres no more such things as every1 is bz with their own life.

    Nice to share this. =D

  19. hello

    i'm ur new follower^^
    abt my fav childhood memory, my dad told us story abt santa claus when christmas was near, and we trust abt it.
    At that night, we put the socks bside our bed before sleep, and my dad come in n put the present in, at the midnite, tat time i act like i ady sleep, haha

    i was so touching n happy, and thanks to my dad for gving this dream^^

  20. I am a follower via Google Friend Connect :)
    E-mail address: sarahali101@hotmail.com

    I blogged about your giveaway jus check the giveaway tab on the top :)

    my childhood memory was when we went to a hill station and saw snow fall for the first time at the age of 8 , it was most mesmerizing experience of my life, i still cherish the moments i spend their , standing in the veranda with my fmily and looking at the snow falling joyfully.


  21. hi!

    i'm a follower, my favourite childhood memory is my parents threw me a birthday party in our new house and people came and at the end I got a whole room of toys which they gave to me for my birthday! now I wish i have a whole room of Makeup LOL

    anyways i blogged about your giveaway here:

    tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (Dott) com

  22. Hi!
    I'm a follower!
    my best childhood memory is of going to the park and feed the ducks on the lake


  23. I tweeted about your giveaway!

  24. Okay - I posted about your giveaway here:


    calia yang

  25. I follow (follower name is Damla). I remember that when I was four years old, I was struggling to read and write and I was very impatient and I was jumping all over the place with frustration :D

    annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

  26. Tweeted: http://twitter.com/sweepstakelover/status/9444953730

    annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

  27. I'm a follower :)

    My fav childhood memory? Probably in elementary school, and my friend and I got locked outside because we forgot to come in after recess...we really bonded then, lol!


  28. My favorite childhood memory would be going to Florida w/ my family... before my parents divorced.

    I blogged:

    I retweeted: @kikixiong

  29. Hello dahhhlin..

    My favorite childhood memory is probably "drag racing" with my bicycle around the neighborhood asking block kids to race me. I had the weirdest and cool bike.. I had one white tire and one black tire that was rock solid. Of course, I was always the winner but I had one slip that left my legs bruised up!

    My other one was always asking my dad for a dollar when the ice cream truck came. Rain or shine I'd still run out there... and usually got my favorite Screwballs!

  30. I'm a follower :)

    My favorite childhood memory is learning how to swim in my pool. My mom and dad taught me with one behind me and one in front guiding me around :) I really liked using those foam noodles too. Swimming is still really fun till this day.


  31. New Follower!

    My fave childhood memory, when me and our relatives go to Tagaytay (Philippines) and have a picnic there. We used to fly kites and lay down in the grass. Good ol' memories.



  32. what an awesome giveaway! i see some great products in there :D

    thanks for your sweet comment <3 i remember i was in Grade 6 when we first found out we'd be hosting the Olympics here. now that it's 10 years later and it's really happening, it's been unbelievable!! definitely a once in a lifetime experience so i feel very lucky :) hope you're enjoying the Olympics from where you are dear! xx

  33. Hi MeiBelle you've such a pretty name! <3 I am a new follower and stumbled upon this gorgeous giveaway
    My favorite childhood memory is taking long afternoon naps with my mum and waking up in the afternoon just in time for pancakes and cold choco :3

    I reblogged your giveaway here :3

    have a nice day! :D

  34. Hello nice give away. I followed you, hope you can follow me too.

    Posted your give away here. http://variouscontests.blogspot.com/2010/02/beauty-is-not-caused-give-away.html

    My favorite childhood memory is when we used to go to my father's work. I was really amazed to see big hotel and get the chance to dine to eat on their pantry.

    thank you!

  35. woop! i'm following

    i need plenty and plenty of luck!

    my fav childhood memory is hmm. riding my bike with my dad and brother, so simple, but now everything has changed a lot, so i especially miss them days. xx

  36. Enter me please!

    My favourite childhood memory is going to school every morning on the back of my grandpa's bicycle =)

    i've also posted your giveaway here:


  37. Hi, I am a follower and I would like to enter the contest. You are also on my blog (on the righ below the blog archive) http://lucysstash.blogspot.com/

    My favourite childhood memory is when we had really hot summer,my mum took out a small child swimming pool, filled it with water ane me,my bro and a neighbour were playing in the water all day :)



  38. My favourite childhood memory is my mom taking me to the park. I know it is sucha simple one but my mom is very busy with work trying to raise my brother and I. I am very fortunate because when my brother was born, my mom didn't spend as much time with him as she did with me.



  39. Hello! :)

    My fave childhood memories were my birthdays. Every single year, my mom would bake ma cake and have fun themes. creative themes, i would say. :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  40. I am a follower. My favorite memory is going to the park with my parents.

    I blogged about the giveaway here


  41. i follow and subscribe!
    my childhood memory was when my mom and i would put on makeup together and she would put me in pretty dresses :)


  42. I followed!

    My best memory as a child was when my mom and dad would visit me every weekend as they work several miles away. They would often bring me chocolates and stuff toys.

    Blogged about your contest: http://freebie-natic.blogspot.com/2010/02/beauty-is-not-caused-it-is-give-away.html


  43. I am a follower =)

    Joining a parade wearing a heavenly Angel costume and Mighty Kid rubber shoes as my footwear because I hate wearing flats back then =)

    repost about this giveaway here


  44. im a follower

    i clearly remember when my uncle were teaching my cousin & i how to ride a bike & my cousin fell into a manhole because he keeps showing off!
    i won't ever forget that!


  45. I follow your blog

    My favorite childhood memory was visiting Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm for the first time. My family and I had a great time trying out all the rides in the said theme parks in the US

    Posted this contest at http://luckyfinds-shareapic.blogspot.com/2010/02/meibelles-giveaway-time.html


  46. Followed your blog :) !

    Stumbled upon you from Julu Jewelery.

    And I actually don't have a favorite childhood memory..
    I miss every single thing about the past sometimes.
    Mostly everything in elementary school where life was so simple and we didn't have to worry about anything else but crayons and muffins at lunch.
    Nowadays, everyone is just mostly all focused on drugs, sex, and alcohol.
    Every other person hates each other, and there's always drama going on.
    I wish I had the chance to go back in time and cherish more of those careless days back then :(

  47. Already a follower :)

    My fave childhood memory is sailing a ship with my cousins! We're only 10 or 11 at that time and there's no grown up at all. And we're almost get lost to the sea but luckily there were some people who worked there and help us. I always laugh about it with cousin every time we think back about it :D

    I repost on my sidebar: http://xyyan.blogspot.com

    3) You will have additional entries if you post my giveaway on your blog/twitter/facebook. If you repost, please comment with the link under this entry as well.

  48. I'm a follower

    My favourite Childhood memory is of all the different thanksgivings and christmas. When I was younger our house was always full of family and friends for those holidays. There was so much food and singing and everyone was together. It was very nice, but as I got older and people passed away the amount of people that showed up lessened and lessened and now it is only my closet family(sisters and parents) that I share these holidays with. It's still a nice time for us, but it was always fun to have the house full. Definitely something I will always look to fondly.


  49. 1) followed

    2) snow fight with my brother-I always thought snow was soft just like i see on tv :P haha when he hit me it was hard as stone-i had fun though

    3) mrlcachuela@yahoo.com
    posted by at my sidebar-

  50. my fav memory is christmas, everyone always went all out for us. every christmas eve my family would go to my grandmothers house and meet the rest of our family we would go to an aunts house when we would return santa had always left us lots of presents. we always just missed him.

    I follow


  51. Hi, I am a follower

    My favorite childhood memory is my birthday. every year we always celebrated it and it was so fun because many people gathered :)

    I blogged

    ilovevanessasomuch at gmail.com

  52. I'm a follower, through Google Friend Connect/Blogger :)

    My favourite childhood memory is going on holiday to Australia with my parents when I was 5 (at the time I lived in NZ). We got to go to all these amusement/theme parks and zoos. It was the first time I ever went on a rollercoaster.

    I've linked to here in my sidebar: http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com

  53. 1. Followed you!
    2. My favourite childhood memory was when I thought my mother wouldn't love me anymore after having my younger brother but she hugged me one morning and showed me that she will always support all of her children.
    3. Posted the giveaway on my blog. Link: http://giveaways-contests.blogspot.com/2010/03/meibelles-giveaway.html

    E-mail: 101.compiled.beauty@gmail.com

  54. Hi, I'm a follower.
    I don't have a favorite childhood memory, probably because I spent most of my time alone.
    I blogged about this giveaway http://shining000.blogspot.com/2010/03/giveaway-time.html

    Tweet http://twitter.com/joannej1982/status/9929538557

    Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=339628060950&id=100000175280975&ref=nf

    joanne.j at hotmail dot com

  55. Hi there! I'm a follower :-) my email is michalkessel at gmail dot com.

    My favorite childhood memory is really simple. When I was like 10, I got out of the shower one day early, then I sat in my room all covered up and watch one of those old shows, growing pains or full house or something. I remember feeling so relaxed. For some reason I keep returning to that memory... :-)

    For additional entries I blogged about your giveaway on my sidebar here: nailenamel.blogspot.com
    And I also tweeted about it here:


  56. My favourite childhood memory...dang that's difficult! Probably bush-walking with my family in Australia. Happy times =)

    I posted about the giveaway here:


    Thanks for hosting this! XO

  57. Sorry, wrong link. This is where I posted about the giveaway:


  58. I'm a follower ^^
    Enter me please ^^

    My favorite childhood memory is my parents will bring my n my sisters go to the park every weekend ^^ after that we will go to have some awesome breakfast ^^

    I've twittered your giveaway here :

    and linked in my blog here :


  59. hey doll! I love your blog, im a new follower :)

    My favorite childhood memory was when i went to the dead sea! I covered myself in mud str8 from the ocean, thats when i knew i fell in love with DEAD SEA PRODUCTS! I was only 13 years old lol. (I will post pics and blog about it)!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! xoxo suzanna


  60. Hy, this is such an awesome give away!
    I am following you with Google!

    And I think the most pleasant memory of my childhood was when I was drawing clothes all the time and wanted to be a designer :P


  61. I would like to participate, a reminder of my childhood was when I was about 8 years old my parents took me to the fair in Seville, very famous, I dressed in a suit of flamenco "Sevillanas" and I rode a horse to walk through the show, ever had gone on horseback, nor had I ever dressed in Seville and I love this memory.
    Posteo your lot in my blog


  62. yay, I'm your 100th follower! ^^

    My fave childhood memory is when I watched my first anime, Deathnote!

    blogged: http://sugarrosies.blogspot.com/2010/03/5-great-giveaways-46.html

    posted on fb: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=10150104159295725&id=1311307310&ref=nf

    and tweeted: http://twitter.com/gracewong1/status/10126852838


  63. I am follower 101! Woohoo! Thanks so much for the giveaway and congrats!

    My favorite childhood memory is when my two siblings and had to use syringes to feed puppies because the momma dog was deaf.


    Link to your giveaway-->

  64. My favorite childhood memory is playing outside with the neighborhood kids. We would play "house" and make "food" out of mud and leaves. Those were the carefree days of minimal academic responsibilities!

  65. me and my neighbor kids always play on streets, different local games.. reminiscing..lol

    posted your link here:

  66. Hii! ENTER ME pls~~
    My Email: Risya271@yahoo.com

    1. I'm your follower :)
    2. I've link your giveaway to my blog sidebar (http://risyahoneydew.blogspot.com/)
    3. I've post about your blog giveaway in my blog too (http://risyahoneydew.blogspot.com/2010/03/i-just-lovee-giveaways.html)
    4. My childhood memory? well probably the most memorable is when I always skipping school ever since I was in kindergarten! & I remembered that I always carried this giant green waterhorse baloon around with me everywhere! & it was taller & bigger than me too. (lol~ I was a weird kid xD)

    Hope I'll win~
    Crossing my fingers now^^

  67. Enter me please! marjoriewinter(at)windowslive.com

    1. I follow you ^^
    2. Swimming at the beach in summer!

  68. Hello! Enter Me please!


    1.Followed you.

    2.tweeted your giveaway

    3.My Favorite childhood memory was when the time I'm learned how to do cross-stitching and i was able to make 1 for my mom. It was a small flower design. :D

  69. Hi !

    I follow you.

    My favourite childhood memories are the days i spent on kindergarden because it took only 3 days = (


  70. hi!
    I follow u!

    My favorite childhood memory is when i pretend to be a mcdonalds' cashier..hahhaa.. what i did is i buy one bag of chips on the store then i repacked it to small paper that i folded to look like a fries container at mcdonalds..then i sell it in front of our house..hahaha..then suddednly kids younger than me bought it...i earned triple than the price of the chips..and i was so happy that time hahah..dont know if that is because i fooled them or because i earn money..

    and thats it..hope i win..
    this is my first tym hihihi..
    thanks anyway! :)

  71. Hi, I'm following with with Google Friend Connect.
    My favorite childhood memory would be attending my first ever Westlife concert with my sis!

    luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

  72. I'm a follower.great giveaway:)

    My favourite childhood memory is visiting my grandparents house in Paris when I was around 5.We went for my aunt's wedding and it was before Christmas.I remember all of shopwindows were decorated for Christmas.It was gorgeous and so exciting for me.I'm still keeping those windows photos:)

    violet_bohemian at windowslive dot com

  73. I'm a follower!

    My favorite childhood memory is of swinging. When I was a kid I lived in a house with a swing set in the backyard, and I loved playing on the swings. I wish I had a swing set where I live, now.

    I blogged about this giveaway.

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook.

    I Tweeted this giveaway.

  74. Please enter me, i'm a new follower.
    My favourite childhood memory has to be going to Disney World when i was 10, i don't remember too much of it but it was so exciting to go abroad and be in the sun and meet all the Disney characters.
    I posted a link to your giveaway here:
    Thank you :)

  75. I'm a follower!

    mandaleem at gmail dot com

    My favorite childhood memory is playing "spa" with our mutt dog- my sisters and I bathed him and ourselves in mud. We then brought him into the house and tried to give him a bath without our mother finding out. Of course, she found the disaster of a bathroom later but could only laugh once she heard the story!

  76. 1.Already a follower , please be sure to follow me too =]
    2.My favorite childhood memory is when I lived with my grandma and she lived in this little town and all my friends lived close and we hung out everyday and walked around and got into trouble and went and played in the creek, now that im older we all moved and we dont see each other anymore ;/ and the town is like a ghost town now and when i go there i remember the great times i had with my friends there
    3. blogged about your giveaway here http://thatbrowneyedbrunette.blogspot.com/2010/03/giveaways.html

  77. I'm a follower!!

    My favorite childhood memory is of me my brother, and my dad roasting lil smokies and marshmellows in the fireplace in the living room!

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/Aedd/status/10651561008

  78. I'm a follower !!

    My favorite childhood memory is when my dad had got me and my younger sister matching frocks of different colors for a party & luckily i got one in ivory whereas my sister got one in green which she totally disliked. I loved it when she threw a big tantrum and there was nothing really we could do about it since the dress was already fitted to her size. I know this is sort of mean but thinking about it gives me a great laugh even now :P


  79. Hi from Spain,
    Great contest!!
    First, I'm a follower ^^
    Second, my favourite childhood is my dad teaching me how to ride a bike. I miss him very much.
    And third, my email: elsolquemasenfria@gmail.com
    I'm in, I hope!!
    Laura (elsolquemasenfria@gmail.com)
    PD: sorry for my english :$

  80. Hi!
    My favourite childhood memories are when we were all waiting for my father to come home from his business trips, and he always brought us a lot of presents...


  81. Hi! How are you? I like your blog very much and this giveaway it's awsome! well, i'm going to tell you my best childhood memory. There was when i was 9 and my cousin and her husband gave me and my sisters a little cat like present in Christmas. He was so cute with a big red bow! I'm going to post your giveaway in my blog. My blog it's http://sueniosenelarrecife.blogspot.com and my email is reyna_jeje@hotmail.com.
    Kisses, Angela

  82. Thanks for the chance! I am a follower (DG) :)

    My favorite memory was going sailing for the only time in my life when I was 5. The ocean breezes, the sun, and my uncle and aunt steering my cousins and me across a beautiful ocean!

    blogged: http://deegee13.xanga.com/723800049/beauty-is-not-caused-giveaway/


  83. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

    My favorite childhood memory is going on holiday with my parents and my brother. We enjoyed ourselves a lot.

    I tweeted: http://twitter.com/ConBdeBelleza/status/10743653054


  84. I'm a follower. Great giveaway!

    My childhood memory: going to little trips with my brother and my grandpa, watching diffrent animals and nature.

    I tweeted: http://twitter.com/LipGlossit/status/10744997157

    email: mmm240@gmail.com


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