My Urban Decay HauteLook Purchase and my OoTD from Yesterday

I'm sure that there are a bunch of you who are aware of a site called Haute Look. You can sign up for this site and it's like an online boutique that gives a crazy discounts off designer brands. When I say crazy I mean crazy. I recently (about two weeks) purchased from their Urban Decay sale and I have to admit, I was pretty shocked about the prices. Three dollars for eyeliner, three dollars for their lipgloss. It was insane!
So in the end, I got myself their bronzer, their Buddha brush (hehe Buddha Buddha), two lip glosses, an eyeshadow in Gash, two eyeliners and an eyebrown pencil. This all came out to under fifty dollars! It's that nuts, usually if I were to buy all this at Sephora or Ulta it would have been well over a hundred dollars so imagine how excited I was with this purchase =D.

I haven't swatched the lip glosses. I am debating on whether or not to put them in a giveaway soon. ^^ But I know a few of you wanted to see what I got from Hautelook. Definitely check the site out, even if you don't see something you like right away, there will be something down the road that will interest you and you will be ecstatic that you saved a ton of money!! ^^

So yesterday I went out to a party and really really liked my outfit. I just wanted to share with you ladies. Sorry the quality isn't amazing, but all I had was my iPhone.
And a shot of my eyelashes ;)
Later guys! ^_________^


  1. aaaahhhh.... i must check it out! i was tempted to get the alice in wonderland palette at sephora in chicago but thank God they were sold out or else i will end up broke! lol

  2. congrats on your loot =)

    you looked smokin in your outfit!


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