Parlez Vous to you!

Mind you that I have no clue what Parlez Vous means, but I picked out this OPI color when I went to get a manicure last week. I am in love with this nail polish! So in love that I asked the woman if I could buy it, when she said I couldn't I found it in another salon like store when I visited my Mum for lunch. Anywho, yeah this mauve purpley beautiful color is great! I got for about 8 bucks which isn't too expensive, I think it's a little more than an Essie nail polish, but OPI for me can't be found in a drugstore. Well in a Bayonne drugstore...

So, the color is great, it goes with my skin tone. And you know what else?? It lasts a hella long time! I mean it lasted about 5 days no chip whatsoever. AMAZING! I find this to be fantastic just because every time I paint my nails or get my nails done, it takes two days for it to chip and I feel that I wasted my time and money. With this nail polish I won't feel that way. I don't know if it's the mix of the formula or what but this just started to chip today and I got my manicure last Monday.

Thanks for reading guys! I appreciate really how much my friends are so supportive of me =). A new video will be up soon. I haven't put one up lately because my eyelids are having an allergy attack, meaning it's all scaly and not pretty -_-. Once my sore throat goes away I will try and get another tutorial up and running!

Stay beautiful!

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  1. you wrote this almost a year ago.. how did I miss this awesome color?


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