A non makeup entry

Today I'll use this blog to talk about my everyday life as well. =)

Though most of you are probably my facebook friends checking out my blog, to those of you who are not, please don't think I'm all about makeup. I'm not. What I love about makeup is the creativity it allows. Your face is your canvas to create so many beautiful images. I also love that makeup can be just that little bit that adds confidence to a woman (or man). It can enhance the already beautiful features that everyone has. I'm a nerd that likes to look pretty. I read and play WoW (my vice though I am currently taking a hiatus) And of course my friends all know what I'm about =D

Sooooo....Thanksgiving! I'm super excited this year because it will just be me and my beau in our small little apartment. We (mostly me though) are gonna be cooking on our own, which means...*gasp* I'll be popping my baking a turkey cherry! Heh, it's not gonna be a whole turkey, it's the breast. I bought it today and it's HUGE! Especially for the two of us. I'll be eating turkey for days.

The holiday season is coming up and I am so excited to put up our little Charlie Brown tree and to buy gifts for all my important people. As cheesy as it may sound, your friends and family are the best gifts to be had.

If I don't update before Thanksgiving, Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy it with those you love and be safe. And most of all, LET THAT FAT KID OUT! =D

~Stay beautiful!


  1. Turkey Day is probably the best holiday to ever exist... a holiday dedicated to eating food! Gosh, by the way I talk about food you'd think I'm a fatty! ^_^ My sister Rho & I had a mini Thanksgiving dinner with her husband before we left to go to RI because she was missing Thanksgiving with him, and we made this turkey that was made by Butterball: it was freezer to oven (took about 4 hours) and had a mix of white and dark meat which was pretty good for all 3 of us. I thought it was cool ^_^! Have a wonderful holiday with your fiance <3

  2. Awh thanks!!!
    Don't worry we are both fatty's then because of our love for food, I openly admit it!! ^^

    That's so sweet that you guys had a mini Thanksgiving! =) Your family sounds so sweet. Have a great thanksgiving! We definitely gotta hang out when you come back down to Jersey!


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