My First Review!

So this is my first review about a cosmetic product. Now to clarify, I'm not a label whore, I don't specifically go for a certain brand just because of it's name, I sample and try an array of products until I find the perfect fit for me.

Ok now that I've gotten that out of the way, my first review will be on *drumroll please.....* my MAC Studio Fix pressed powder in NC40.

Ta Da! It's all pretty in its nice case. *Stares dreamily at it* Ok ok, anyway, I went into Macy's and straight to the MAC counter where they blared Lady GaGa music (she's the new spokesperson for Viva Glam) I asked the very helpful artist to assist me in my quest to find the perfect compact powder for me. My guidelines for this were simple: something I could quickly use to cover my face, non messy, and something that matched my Asian skin. We chitchatted about the different tones and colors and she contemplated the NC35 but then thought against it. (I think she said no because she couldn't find it) She rummaged through the racks of the many Studio Fix's and found the NC40 and applied it on my jawline with the oh so fluffy contour brush. Surprise, surprise she found a great match and it didn't make me look like a ghost like my Bare Minerals in medium beige. I was so happy with it, I purchased it right away along with some other products, I'll be writing my review on them later ;) and waited in anticipation to tear the box open once I got home.

I have been using the product for about a week now, and I have to say it covers pretty evenly without drying my skin out and without me having to cake it on. After I apply my moisturizer and primer, I use a basic big powder brush and just buff it gently onto my skin and viola! a smooth face. I'm in love. This is not drying for me at all. I have combination skin and certain areas such as under my nose and at times my cheeks are flaky, but my forehead can at times be really oily. (bleh) So far when I apply it, it doesn't look cakey and it doesn't look like I'm made up. I hate fussing with the loose mineral powders when I'm in a rush and liquid foundation seems so heavy for me, I literally want to scratch it off my face cause I feel it itches! But this compact, this wonderful compact is so far so good in my book. I definitely think I will be buying this product once I get through this one.

Yeah I look silly in this picture but look at how nice my skin is! =D Tata for now all my beautiful people


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