Pictures of Julu Jewelry by Stephanie on me

Ok I am camera whoring a bit...but I love these necklaces! Remember if you want to buy some go HERE and I don't have much makeup on, just tinted moisturizer, some eyeshadow and lipgloss.

This is the Sailor Chibimoon Inspired Necklace

Here is the Crane Necklace with the Rosaline Pearl

See you guys later! And stay warm cause it's (as Krystina would say) Ridonkulously cold out!


  1. they look great on you! can I steal this pics? hehe

  2. lovely pictures! i <3 steph's jewelry too! :)
    now i feel like camwhoring too HA!
    just found your blog & it's awesome :D

  3. Awh thank you so much!! =) Glad you think so!

  4. its even more redonkulously colder out tonight!


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