Love for Julu!

I recently just got my package from Julu Jewelry by Stephanie and I had to share with you all what beautiful jewelry this girl makes, seriously. I have been wanting to buy a Swarovski crystal necklace but I really wanted to pick the right one for me. After finding this cute blog shop through another blog I follow I knew this was the place I would get THAT necklace.

I placed my order about a week ago and got the package yesterday! Super fast shipping ^^ I ripped open my package and was happy to find the goodies I ordered and also some extra ones (edible and non) and also a sweet handwritten note from Stephanie herself

By the way, all the edible goodies are gone...hehe.

Anyway, on to what I got. I picked two necklaces. The first one I knew I was going to get was the Crane necklace. I picked the yellow gold with a rosaline pearl sitting on top. I really loved this necklace because it reminds me of my Lau Lau (grandma). She taught me how to fold a crane out of paper when I was little, so this necklace gives me a bit of nostalgia. Every time I see it I think of her and it really makes me really happy.

The next necklace I got also brings back memories! *Sings* "Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight...." (Props to anyone who knows the song!) I got the Sailor Chibimoon inspired necklace. This is a silver necklace with a small pink Swarovski heart, a crystal colored Swarovski moon and also of course a pearl. This necklace is absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous ____<---any positive adjective here. I put the necklace on and immediately thought of when I was younger running around shouting "Moon Prism Power!" I was deemed Sailor Moon by my friends because Usagi-Chan is a total spazz and so am I. Now that I'm older, I have my dreamy Tuxedo Mask to catch me when I klutz out ^_^.

I also got a free pair of earrings!! Beautiful little butterfly studs that I really love too.

So go and check her store out! Her creations are beautiful and really pieces of art! Plus her name is Stephanie, so of course she's awesome ^^

Oh yes, Holiday Tutorial is coming up! here is a sneak peak of it


  1. I'm so honored my necklaces will mean so much. I love making jewelry because it can be very sentimental. :) I was remembering how much I loved tuxedo mask. sigh... Glad you loved everything! <3

  2. So adorable Usagi-chan! ^O^! I love the necklaces :-D When I was reading the lyrics I screamed in my head SAILOR MOON! Oh man!!


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