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A quick blog about my recent purchases from Steph! This is somewhat picture heavy!

My package came yesterday! Packed with goodies galore!

To those of you following both Stephanie and I, you will have noticed that she recently posted a custom order called Belle's Dream. It was actually based off my blog name Meibelle, by derp derp me thought it was based off of Disney's Beauty and the Beast because of the two colors I had chosen. But I was honored that she thought of me and my blog and also because this piece is gorgeous!!!

So here are some pictures of me with the necklace =) I am wearing the Geo Nudy Lenses in Gray which I think are my favorite ones so far!

I tried to take some model-esque pictures too (though my lipgloss was being all sorts of stupid on me)

I also picked up the Pegasus pendant which was also inspired by Sailor Chibi/Sailor Moon. It's another beautiful piece that she made.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post! and also:

May you have everything you wish for and family to warm your heart and soul! The importance of the holiday is the company you keep not the things you get!


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  1. You look so so pretty in these photos! I can't decide which one I like best. I've got to steal them now! :) Thanks for all your support and postings! <3<3<3

    Those lenses look really great on you. I think I have the same ones. I always forget the exact name- but I do know it's gray!


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