A Piece of Me: November 2010

A monthly game from Shirley from We Love Toothfairy

This Month:
I Like: Seeing friends and warm comforters 

I Don't Like: The Cold!!! =(

I Want You to Know: that I'm going to do a shameless plug for my contest since it's ending tonight at midnight PST! Go here to enter if you haven't!! 

I've Planned: To be proactive and to get back in shape starting tomorrow!

I Want to Say to Someone Special: Gotta stay positive and gotta stay focused! <3


  1. I kind of liked having an extra blanket on the bed last night--and wearing jackets gives me someplace to put my phone and keys! =)

    That poor girl, I can't even imagine what it must be like for her.

  2. LOL, I'd forgotten about "Sexbomb"! It's too bad they didn't make videos back in his day--girls (and their mothers) would have been glued to the tube. =)

  3. Stay warm babe!!
    ryc: you're right! NOTD can be Novel of the Day too! Hehee..

  4. i hate the cold too!!! I need to get back in shape too!! i've just been making excuses after having my babies!

    i saw that video from Kandee - it got me crying!!


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