New Items Up For Sale!

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend! I got to spend time with my beau's family and also my Mommy and my babies! Here is a picture that Beau took of me and my favorite kitty in the whole freakin' world.
She's giving me kisses ^__^. Her name is Arwen and I rescued her from the ASPCA 7 years ago. Every time I come home to my Mom's she comes running to greet me.

I missed you all and will be back in force tomorrow! I'm thinking of doing a video for my favorites this month!

But I just wanted to do a quick post because I have new items up for sale! I have been cleaning out my stash and have a ton of items that I don't use! Hopefully these will go to new homes where they will be put to use rather than just sitting in my makeup drawer!

I will see you all later! Happy Monday!!

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  1. That's a cute kitty! I was surprised to read that's a recent picture, at first glance I thought it was five or six years old.


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