October Favorites

I didn't forget to post my October favorites!! Here's my small compilation of what I've been reaching for the entire month of October!

1) Satin Taupe-I used this eyeshadow all throughout my time in Vegas. It's great for the day time and at night it's great smoked out with some really dark black eyeliner.

2) MAC Pink Swoon Sheertone Blush- This was another thing I reached for a lot while in Vegas and any time I'm heading out. It's not heavily pigmented and adds a nice flush of color.

3) MAC Prolong Wear Concealer- It took me two trips to the MAC counter for me to have the right color. The first time the MUA gave me the wrong color totally so I had to go back and exchanged it for the right color. I personally love this concealer, it definitely brightens up my eyes and a little goes a long way. The pump is hard to control but I've found a way to make it work.

4) MAC Innocence Beware!-Love this lipstick. Can be streaky but as long as your lips aren't chapped you should be fine. I was so sad this broke though. I still have it in the tube all cause I don't have a container to put it in.

5) MAC Viva Glam V-My very first MAC lipstick and I love it. A great everyday lippie that provides a nice neutral pink with some shimmer.

6) Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Negligee Pink- This was sent to me from Steph and I absolutely love it! This is a beautiful sheer pink, a great topper for my Innocence, Beware or Viva Glam ^^

7) Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Waterproof Mascara- Once I figured out the brush this gives me great length! The volume not so much, but then again I have some puny lashes.

8) Stila Kajal Onyx Eyeliner- I watched a Kim Kardashian makeup video and saw her makeup artist use this so of course I had to test it myself. It's so creamy and easy to smudge for a perfect smokey look.


  1. Lovely favorites hon!! I'm going to try out the MAC concealer soon!

  2. great favs! i'm really curious to try out the mac pro longwear foundation and concealer!

  3. great favs! =D

    ohhh, you changed your banner/layout!

  4. great choices you have there! stila eyeliner smudged so badly on me, glad it works for you!

  5. Nice job on the new header, it looks great. =)

  6. Great picks! I find the Lash Stiletto Voluptuous gives me good length too, but fails epically at volume - which is sad because it's supposed to be a volumising mascara, right? :(

    Love your new layout!

  7. Viva Glam V is my first MAC lipstick too, and it's one of my fave! :)

  8. Hun! do a face of the day! update update! :D hehe

  9. What is your Mac Concealer shade? Everytime I look at the Viva glams the muas always try to get me to buy V. It's pretty but I wasn't totally feeling it yet. I think I should go on a mac lipstick ban too! I'm curious to try the new l'oreal millions mascara - lmk if you have.
    love your favorites!


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