Birthday Post Vegas Continued (Very Pic Heavy)

Continuing right where we left off!

So the night beau and I went to see the Jabbawockeez, we stumbled upon The Cupcakery, a mini cupcake store hidden away in the Monte Carlo. All the cupcakes were almost gone so we decided that we needed to head back the next day. Thank God we did cause they were soo good. The best cupcake I've had, even better than Crumbs!

 Night 3 was Jersey Boys! I love this play to death.

The next morning we stayed in and ordered room service!

My frittata filled with tomatoes, spinach, and cheese. Melted in my mouth.

 Beau's yogurt parfait and my potato hash

We walked to New York New York cause the both of us never visited it and we did not like the place at all! It was so dark and dingy, not my favorite place.

I think we skipped taking some pics cause these are from my final night at Vegas

We went to the Mandalay Bay Aquarium. Don't be fooled by the pictures, this is very small but it's a nice little exhibit

 A tigerfish

 I spot me a Jellyfish!

 All dressed up for dinner!

We went to Mesa Grill by Bobby Flay. Service was ehh and we weren't too impressed by their food. 

 John's coffee rubbed steak

 My spice rubbed pork. I was full halfway through it.

 Coconut cake!

The last day. Can't you tell?

 Enjoying the view one last time

 My heart.


  1. More fun and food! How was the coconut cake? That's usually a favorite of mine.

    I believe you about the sweetbreads, but I'm probably going to stick to chicken. =)

  2. LOL my thoughts right now = "SO MANY JELLYFISH" XD

  3. OH YUMMERS GIRL! don't you hate FUN vacations b/c they go by so FAST~

  4. you look great! lovely pictures and room service! what a nice splurge :)

  5. I want the food!! All look so yummy~
    You look so hot babe :D


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