Birthday Post Vegas Days 1 & 2 (Very Pic Heavy)

As many of you know, I was surprised by my Beau with a trip to Vegas for my 25th birthday. I know I know, I took forever to post this pictures up haha. Here they are and I hope you like them!

The awesome bed

The view

The untouchable food and beverages lol

I need one of these in my house. It controlled everything in the room!

The bathroom

Yes there is a tub in the shower stall

 The first night we arrived we went to dinner at Sage. An American Bistro restaurant in the Aria. Not only was the food excellent, the service was the best I have ever had.


My chicken dish.

John's crispy steak with fried mushrooms

Mango Panna Cotta. Delish

 Day 2 we went to explore again.

Me and my buddy

City Center Model

Whirling water

A very phallic look structure in City Center mall

My first time at P.F. Chang's. Pretty good, they give you a hell of a lot of food for lunch though!

Caesar's Palace


The awesome MAC store in Caesar's. I wish they were this size in NYC!!

At the Palazzo picking up our Jersey Boys Tickets

The waterfall at the Wynn

Beau and Me

Dinner: Harley-Davidson Restaurant. The interior was great, food not so much 

They would have different motorcycles on a lift go around the restaurant. The flag was made entirely out of chains

The motif of a sports bar in the Monte Carlo

Pronounced Muse.I.See. The ever popular Jabbawockeez

A dance off between the Wockee and an audience member

Mr. Jabbawockee being fresh

He's sticking his butt in the air

That's it for days 1 and 2. I will have the rest up tomorrow. I didn't go too crazy with the photos being that we've seen many of the things before. Hope you guys enjoyed. Oh, and Happy Monday!! Hope it's a short week for everyone!


  1. A great room with a view, shopping, a show and great food--in Vegas! What a cool way to spend your birthday. =)

    I've had friends offer to share a bite of sweetbreads, but it's one of the very few things I haven't been able to eat. What does it taste like???

    PS - You look great.

  2. Ahhhh it looks like so much fun! ^___^ and the food looks delicioussss

  3. Finally!!! I've been waiting for who knows how long for this post. lol! Awww, your buddy is almighty and powerful looking ;] Why untouchable food and beverages? they trick you and when they find out it's missing, you pay huh? hmm, I don't know too much about hotels so you should do a wholeeee post on it. yeah? no? okay...

    Ahh, the food looks delicious!

  4. OMG girl - yall had a NICE room!! that bed looks uberly comfy!!! Gorgeous view from your room!!

    the food looks very yummers!! definitely nom nom nom!

    wow that flag is so cool!!

  5. Aw hey hun! I didnt know you turned 25! Happy late birthday hun! Wow look like you had fun huh! a Trip to Vegas and you went to see Jabawockees!!! :'( not fair! hehe. I hope you had fun hun!!!! I hope your well hun. Just stopping by to see how your doing! :D XXXX

  6. Happy belated birthday!! The trip looks so awesome :)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Hun.. you have such a fab trip.. everything was.. whoah!!! love it

    much love


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