Yay For Outfits of The Day!

For my contest, I asked my readers what they would like to see more of. Many of you suggested more OoTD posts. I definitely do not think I'm super trendy like xJole or Pink or Jen. I'm more about being comfortable and laid back. I will admit I do clean up pretty well when I have to! However, most of my outfits consists of jeans and some sort of t-shirt. Today though I decided to be a little different.

What I'm Wearing:
-Gap Cashmere v-neck black sweater
-F21 tweed shorts
-F21 tights
-Steve Madden boots

Satya Jewelry

Namaste and happy hump day. If I don't post tomorrow, I hope you all have a very wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!


  1. LOL, I love variations of that expression--clean up pretty well!! Maybe that accounts for the stink-eye. =)

  2. I'm totally digging your shorts!

  3. New follower ;) Really liking the tweed shorts btw!

  4. Congrats, you are the winner of my Giveaway! Come leave a comment at my blog and give me your address :)


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