MAC Tartan Lipsticks

The holiday season is here, that means MAC's Holiday collection is also here. Released in October, the Tartan Tale collection features eyeshadow palettes, lips palettes, single eyeshadows, lipsticks, brush sets, etc., etc. This is quite a large collection and I didn't really care for any of the palettes, though the packaging is quite lovely. So of course I headed toward the lipsticks. I only picked up three, Courting Lilac, Cut a Caper, and The Faerie Glen. I wanted Full Fuchsia but when I found out it was a pro color, I figured that could be a later purchase. This lipsticks are priced at $14.50 USD.

Courting Lilac is a glaze finish, meaning it shows up lighter than what it looks like from the tube. It contains a bit of a golden sheen and it quite lovely. I know there are similar colors that MAC has come out with, but I don't any of them to compare.

Cut a Caper looks similar to Jazzed and Ever Hip in the tube and on my lips it does look similar, which is a little irritating to be honest. It seems to be a bit pinker on my lips compared to the other two, but it's only slight. This is a lustre finish that leaves a nice glossy peach all over lips. Temptalia has said it reminds her of Strange Potion lipglass, and the coral color of this lipstick does remind me of the lipglass as well. I think it would be a great pairing.

The Faerie Glen is also a lustre finish lipstick that is a very neutral muted color. It's not too nude and has a peachy undertone. It's great for everyday wear.

My favorite is probably Courting Lilac, that golden sheen gives just that extra bit of dimension. It's also great for the fall/winter. Overall the Tartan collection is great for anyone who's looking to purchase a gift for a makeup junkie that wants variety. Since there are so many sets you will be able to find something to suit and match you or the person you are buying for. Beware though, I have heard that some of the eyeshadows are chalky and not as pigmented as usual, so test them before you spend them money. It'll make you and your wallet happier!


  1. When I saw Courting Lilac online I totally thought of you! I got Cut a Caper b/c I heard it was close to Jazzed and Strange Potion. Plus I got The Faerie Glen b/c I want to see how close it is to the lipstick I've been trying to dupe. I think Cut a Caper looks the best on you from the swatch! :)

    I thought the palettes looked horrible b/c they were so tiny. Tiny like NYX or a gwp! Totally crappy of them to downsize.

  2. I wouldn't have been able to match the picture of Cut a Caper to the product. But the colors all look great on you--I suspected they would before I even scrolled down.

  3. All three lipsticks look really great on you! But Counting Lilac is more unique :)

  4. Cupcakes are my specialty!

    I love Courting Lilac on you! I love any purple lipstick in general... Too bad I can't pull it off. Makes my teeth look yellow :( I'll live vicariously through you instead!

  5. Hey girl! How are you? A lil late, but I hope you had a wicked Halloween! :) I so can't wait for Tales of tartan to release in UK. oMG... everything seemed to be so slow over here LOL.I hope you well! :D xxxxx

  6. Courting Lilac looks gorgeous on you, though I wish it were more opaque! Then again I suppose that will save me money haha :D


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