Free Gifts Make Me Happy

Hautelook recently had a Rock & Republic beauty sale and I managed to snag some goodies for free! How? Do you ask? I had over a $35.00 credit sitting waiting for the right opportunity to be spent. After watching Pink's video on her favorite peach blushes I decided to snag Foreplay. I also got a taupe eyeshadow, Diffused because I love my everyday neutral colors. Gosh, how boring of me. 

So the UPS man just rang my doorbell about five minutes ago, and I was blessed with this little package. It seems that God has been smiling down on me today for various reasons. I was in a bit of a funk but this and the comfort from beau cheered me up. A review and swatches will be coming up soon. I hope the picture quality is up to par, I took them with my iPhone 4.

Foreplay and Diffused
Happy Thursday!


  1. Diffused is a nice color~ Seems light but it looks much more pigmented on the lid. I like it a lot!

  2. Awesome haul! I have yet to purchase any Rock and Republic items, but hopefully that will change! :)

  3. nice, rock and republic has a 50% off sale and $25 credit if you invite people on now too, I've been stalking their website everyday hoping that they would add more blushes, cause only one is in stock right now. if anyone needs an invite, you can email me. ;)

  4. Yayyyy!!! I can't wait to see what your take on that blusha is...It's by far one of my fav everyday blushers to wear...good snag for sure...the hautelook gods are being good :D

  5. Free stuff always makes me smile--combined with the beau that's a powerful combination. I glad you're feeling better.

  6. OMG! I so been wanting a R&R blush! I've been hearing so much about them lately! The colors you selected are gorge :)

  7. yaaay for free gifts!!! ive always want to get foreplay :)

  8. You got them for free?? Wow, that's really awesome :D


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