My One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is time for my one year/birthday giveaway!  I thought really hard about the prizes and are giving some you guys some of my favorite cosmetics and also a little something extra special. Each set of prizes will come with a pair of earrings that I made myself!

This Giveaway is open internationally! Contest begins today 10/7/10 and will end 11/7/10. You guys have an entire month! Winners will be chosen at random from random.org!

Before I get to the prizes, here's how to enter:

1) You MUST be a follower of mine

2) I will not accept entries from people who only have a blog/profile to enter giveaways. So if you're name is "IHeartGiveaways," chances are you will be disqualified.

3) Comment on this entry and tell me how you found me, what you like about this blog, and ways that I can improve it. Comments that say "enter me" will be disqualified as well.

4) You will gain additional entries for posting on your blog/twitter/etc. Please let me in your comment where you have posted it with the link.

Now that all the technicalities are out of the way, on to the prizes!!
1st Place will win:
-Sephora by O.P.I. Beauty Insider Nail Polish Set. This is different from their Rocker Chic Set!
-A Stila 4 quad shadow in Montmartre
-MAC Venomous Villains Lipstick in Innocence, Beware!
-Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Spotlight Beige
-Handmade one of a kind koi earrings made by me

2nd Place will win:
-Milani Minerals Blush in Luminous (a NARS Orgasm Dupe)
-Revlon Berry Darling Blush
Maybelline's Colorsensational Lipstick in Born With It
-MAC Lipstick in Plink! (This is discontinued)
A Pair of Koi Fish Earrings made by me

3rd Place will win:
-Revlon Merlot At Midnight Blush
-Victoria Secret Eyeshadow in 24k
-Revlon Superlustrous gloss in Lilac Pastelle
-Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Peach
-Flower Earrings created by me!

I may include other goodies with your prizes! Have fun everyone and good luck!


  1. Hello beautiful! I had no idea you made jewelries yourself. hehe. That's cool =]

    I think I found you through Steph T (Julu) 'cause I saw some photos of you modeling her jewelry pieces and commented her blog posts. I love your reviews and your banner! I like reading your posts from your contests entry (like for Pam, oh em gee... loved it!) to anything makeup related and the way your layout is on blog.... BUT I would love to see more blog posts =] And you know, you seem real in your post... iuno, I guess I just sense it.

    I posted it on twitter: http://twitter.com/xoladiihoneyxo/status/26694272766

  2. I follow your blog! I found it randomly from clicking around online :) I would love to see more FOTD and EOTD posts! I love your drugstore product reviews, and you have nice swatches :)


  3. Hi girl! I think this is a great giveaway prize! Good thing is, you made earrings aswell!
    I found you through xppinkx aka Pam, I saw you pictures on her blog 'The vain Army'! and randomly I just thought I'd check your blog out. I love everything about your blog because to start with I was a fan on your youtube (Buggiebeans) and i just love how down to earth you are and looking at your blog is like constance images of swatches, reviews, and haul and they seem so convincing and real.

    I definately would love to see more OTOD and FOTD purely because when Im at home, sometimes I feel like what is other girls wearing today? what makeup are they wearing today? since you are a makeup gurus to start off with, i think you should do OFTD and FOTD so we can see you more and your clothes!

    Wouldn't change anything about your blog because it's easy to read and easy to follow. Thanks again for the swatches and reviews! I have enjoyed reading your blog ever since I found you on here. x

    I have post your giveaway prize on my blog :)

  4. this is an amazing giveaway!!

    i'm a follower, of course. i probably found your blog on Rick's or Toothfairy's *hahaha* I don't remember though! I'm just glad I did because I love your reviews and hauls : ) ways to improve it, hmm...I can't really think of anything that needs to be improved, but i love seeing nail posts so more of those would be cool!

  5. I swear we love all the same stuff! I want that 1st prize!! :D Those Koi are so cute!
    Anyhow, I found you through my jewelries. You ordered the Sailor Chibi necklace and the crane necklace so I went to spy on your blog and see who you were. Very glad I did! I love all your reviews because they are detailed and honest. Hmm, if anything were to improve? Not much needed there-- except maybe to do a tutorial here and there?

  6. Jewellery making is so cool! ^_^
    I found you through Rick's blog <3
    I like to read your reviews. I normally try to buy the highly rated products and see whether I like it.

    I linked your giveaway on my sidebar

  7. Hi ,

    I am a follower shaimaa

    I Found your blog when I was searching via Google about beauty and makeup blog

    I like your blog and the makeup look Posts , it would be great to do arabic makeup look and tutorials

    I tweet about it here

  8. Wow, you've got some great stuff in the giveaway--espceially the earrings. It's really nice of you to have prizes for win, place and show.

  9. I'm already a follower - maybe even a stalker! LOL jk ^_^

    I don't remember how I found you, but I think I saw one of your comments on one of Stephanie's (Julu Jewelry) blog posts.

    I love your reviews and TUTORIALS!! (esp. the one on how to put on foundation and setting it). How to improve?? hmm...ionno - I already like your layout and the way it is...so I can't put much down on this one.

    I posted about the giveaway here:

  10. wow, what a great giveaway! I looked at the prizes and I was like o_o

    I have already been following! I believe I found your blog from either twitter or blog comments. I like your personality so keep adding that into your blog entries! You're a sweet girl with a good heart and we need more bloggers like that online.

    :) Good luck with your giveaway!

  11. Haha, I think I found you on Jen's Frmheadtotoe, lol.

    I love seeing your hauls and swatches. And maybe do more vids? :)

  12. Been a follower for quite a time..im pretty sure i bloghopped and then i found ya. my only comment is that sometimes, i cant read your posts in my reader...but i think thats my fault and i need to fix that!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  13. Nice giveaway! Happy anniversary! :) I think i blog hop around n found you! :) Linked your giveaway in my blog :)

  14. hi hun.. im a follower via GFC (rhain) i found your blog via Steph of Julu Jewelry, (you modelled some of her pieces) i really love to blog hop and read reviews about beauty products, and thanks for sharing your opinions as well..

    my blogspot:

    and my new blog on ONSUGAR:

    congrats on your blog anniversary
    hope you could visit my blog as well *smooches*

    hugs and kisses,

  15. Happy one year blog anniversary! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway :)

    I think I found your blog through Stephanie of Julu Jewelry when she featured you on one of her posts, and I'm glad that I visited your blog :D.
    I like your review, your review are very detailed and I'm always intrigued with the product you've reviewed.

    I posted your giveaway on my blog sidebar: http://xyyan.blogspot.com

  16. hi, i am a new follower. i also found you on jen's frmheadtotoe.

    i like your reviews. sometimes, i get lazy about reading the whole thing so i like the fact you list pros and cons (with pictures). and i also like the jeweleries on the blog. i can't find something like that near where i live.

    i wish this blog to be a little more personal? i mean i just hope to see more postings about you, not just about make up and beauty stuff (although they are very helpful). i think you are doing a good job now though...it was hard for me to think of anything to improve. haha.

    happy one year anniversary! :D

  17. hi! happy blogversary! i'm your existing follower via GFC as Jennifer.

    tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (dot) com

    i found your blog through the sidebar of Dina (XYYan)'s sidebar <3

    i love your makeup reviews, and i'd love to see some reviews/swatches of nail polishes<3

  18. I'm a follower ^___^

    I can't remember how I found your blog - probably from being a stalker and lurking someone's blogroll :P

    I like your reviews and FOTDs when you post them, so I'd like to see more looks from you! :D


  19. I'm sorry I don't remember how I found you lol, I've been following you for awhile. I know I found you on someone else's blog site but I don't remember who, I'm sorry (:

    I really love your reviews, I think you do such an amazing job writing them! You also usually review things that I want to try out, or have been looking at so thats always a plus! (:

    I would like to see more outfit of the day post, I really love your style! (: And a lot of people love outfit of the day pictures! I love seeing what others wear it helps me put together my outfits, other then that your blog is amazing ♥

    Posted the giveaway here! http://oxsweetcheeksxo.blogspot.com/2010/11/giveaway.html


  20. Hello darling, sorry for being late with this!

    I found you through... you! You found me on youtube, and stuck with me through my transition to twitter/blogger, and now we talk on a more regular basis! ♥

    One thing I love about your blog is that there's no MUSIC! Which is strange, I know... I hate it when someone has a music player on their blog and it's not in plain sight so I have to search all over to turn it off... I usually just give up and hit 'x.'

    One way to improve would be to make the writing portion wider (in terms of format), so that way the scrollbar isn't so long. (Hopefully you get what I mean!)

    Congrats on hitting one year!

  21. Hi,I am a new follower and new at these beauty blogs I found your blog when I was searching reviews on maybelline eye studio quads along with swatch pics and I came across your blog and I loved your detailed review on it but I like your eye makeup too and in future I would like to see more FOTDs and EOTDs because I have just started wearing makeup and I am joining blogs so that I can learn makeup techniques and get to know about different make up products.I don't have my own blog but I posted about your giveaway on my facebook page I am giving the link below
    I share my information with only friends on my facebook page but this one is for everyone so by going on this link you can check that I posted about your giveaway
    My email : alvira_rashk@yahoo.com

  22. Hey Doll! Congrats on the one year anniversary :] Thank you for hosting a giveaway! So sweet of you! The earrings look so cute, I didn't realize you made jewelry as well :]

    We had been tweeting each other a few times & when you told me about Spotlight Beige, I looked more closely at your Twitter profile & saw you had a blog! You introduced me to my LOVE nude, so thank you very much!!!

    I think you're doing a fabulous job on your blog. My only advice (which I should take too) is to continue to be consistent with writing on your blog. I really enjoy your FOTDs and reviews so I would love to continue seeing more in the years to come :]

  23. hey girlll =] i found you by stephielaclac's twitter.. your blog's easy to go through and its easy to read. i'd like to see more OOTDs and drugstore makeup reviews..and drugstore dupes for higher end makeup brands =]

    i retweeted your tweet on my twitter which has the link to your blog..

  24. Hi Doll! First and foremost, THANK YOU for having such a considerate giveaway for your supporters. This is really kind of you.

    I found your channel through a tweet by stephienese. I love your blog and if I could offer one thing to make it better, I'd just say to have more Outfit of the day posts.

    I really enjoy looking at people's sense of fashion style and the latest trends they are sporting.

    You really have a great blog here and I really do enjoy reading it. Especially your monthly favorites..since I am always on the hunt for new products to try..hehe..Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway for your followers. How sweet and thoughtful of you!!

    I retweeted your giveaway here:

    Good Luck to everyone and Thanks again girl :) 

  25. I'm not sure if it's too late but I found your blog through wuguimei's blog.
    Since I'm new I think that you should have an intro section/page/post?...obviously there is Twitter and YT...but I guess I want a quickie. LOL
    I do love how organized your blog is. I've been trying to clean up recently..and it's turned out okay so far.


    <33 Rena

  26. yay! this is awesome! I found your blog I think from the tooth fairy or from juju's jewelry, I can't remember :<, I was always checking blogs with make up reviews and looks <3 I love your reviews cause I usually find the products available where I'm at :>
    congrats to this giveaway!



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