A Piece of Me (October 2010)

Time to do "A Piece of Me!" Head on over to Notes from the Toothfairy if you guys are interested to play!

This Month:

I Like: That it's my Birfday month!!

I Don't Like: BUGS! OMG I HATE THEM! They eat me up alive. I swear aren't they all suppose to be dead by now cause it's cold? 

I Want You To Know: I'm super excited for my next post!!

I've Planned: To have an awesome month of course!

I Want to Say to Someone Special: This is for my followers, thank you again for all the love you've shown me. You will never know how much it means to me! <3


  1. yayyy another "a piece of me" post :)

    i always <3 when my bday month comes around... mine just passed (july)... 9 more months til my next one lol


  2. I feel the same way about followers--and bugs! Well, I hate the ones that bite...I'm the official bug killer at home, I get called for help a lot! =)

    I skipped the piece of me post for the first time last month because Shirley had been gone for so long.

  3. well im excited for your next post too! hahaha

    im really glad i haven't seen a bug lately

    what are your birfday plans? : P

  4. we've known each other for a year now! <3 I'm looking forward to the next post!

  5. hey Hun! Can't wait for your next post!!! ;) I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you! <3 xx

  6. LOL i hate bugs too, hence I dislike camping or any other outdoor activities hahaha

  7. excited to see your next post too! :D

  8. happppppy birthday month!!! :D and yes, i hate bugs too... all kinds... the ones that fly, crawl, everything!!! *cringe*

    p.s - thanks for the congrats!! :D


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