Celebrating My Blog Anniversary With Some "Venomous Villains"

As of today this beauty blog is officially a year old! I can't believe how fast time has flown. I literally remember the anxiousness and excitement that filled my body as I posted my first entry. I was so nervous that I would be lost in a sea of bloggers, alone and sad, but YOU have found me and helped me find a place in this wonderful blogger environment. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support and love that you all have given to me, it truly means the world to me. To this day whenever I see a comment, it truly makes me dance with glee. It makes me happy to know that people are interested in my reviews or just daily ramblings and I really hope to continue this journey of growth with all of you for many more blog anniversaries!

Not only is it my blog anniversary, it is also my birthday month!! In sixteen days I will a quarter of a century young! Haha. It's so surreal but exciting at the same time. So this month will contain a lot of celebrating not just on my part but also for you guys!

To start off the celebration I'm going to show you guys my MAC Venomous Villains haul! This was such an anticipated line and I couldn't wait for this line to launch! I adore Disney and adore the classic villains. The evil laughs, the sinister grins, and conniving thoughts are key characters for Disney villains and I feel that MAC captured the essence of each with the names and packaging.

Some people didn't like the packaging and thought it was tacky, but I really liked it. Perhaps the only thing about the packaging I didn't like was that it wasn't a matte finish. I hate the finger prints, I feel I'm ruining the product. I know I'm not but I don't want my fingerprints all over it! I will agree that the packaging would have been exquisite had it been the sketches that were on the boxes.

My only other gripe is perhaps the selection of some of the Villains. I was actually shocked that they didn't include Ursula! She's an iconic classic Disney Villain who definitely cared about she looked. I mean who can forget the scene where she's talking to Ariel while moussing her hair and applying her lipstick from her clamshell? Perhaps MAC wanted some diversity and chose Dr. Faciller, but if they had wanted a guy for the line, what about Gaston? He's one of the first metrosexual's I've ever encountered. However, getting that gripe out of the way, I truly adored most of the products that came with this line. Out of the four that MAC selected my two favorites were Maleficent and The Evil Queen. I love Sleeping Beauty and one of the reasons is cause of Maleficent. She's so classy and evil. Muahahahaha!

All right, enough with my rambling, here's the haul and little blurbs of what I think. I actually made collages with the pictures just because I had so many!  I got something from every villain except Dr. Faciller, just because the pigments didn't stand out to me and the powders look fun but I didn't know if I would ever really use them. If you want to look at the product in more detail, click on the images to enlarge!

Here is a shot of the entire line

 Bite of An Apple Blush. The Evil Queen looks down on you and your paleness! This blush has a red undertone and is heavily pigmented. Apply this will a light hand!

Here are the beauty powders. I don't like Maleficent here. She doesn't look as calm and chic as she does in the other ones. Anywho, Briar Rose is a gorgeous blue pink powder while Oh So Fair is a subtle soft pink with some shimmer. It's very subtle that it may be hard to show up on darker skin tones.
Maleficent's Mineral Eyeshadows in She Who Dares and My Dark Magic. Both are shimmery and are probably most pigmented with a base or applied wet.

 I love the lipsticks! My favorite is Violetta. Toxic Tale looks great in pics but can be very orange-y. Heartless is a great red that I think will look perfect on anyone cause it's a neutral red. You're all probably wondering why I have Innocence, Beware! in a separate collage. That's cause Steph from Beauty and Gardens sent it to me! I actually do like it very much, if it wasn't sold out I would probably get a backup. I will say that you can't have chapped lips for this product, unless you wanna look like a hot mess haha.

Last but not least are the lip glasses. I love them all but my favorites are Strange Potion and Wicked Ways. Strange Potion is a peachy coral that will look amazing on almost everyone! Wicked Ways is opaque cherry red with slight shimmer. Hot house is gorgeous fuchsia but does leave behind some shimmer. Revenge Is Sweet is a juicy pink that gives you tons of shine.

I hope you all enjoyed my haul, let me know what you think and what you guys picked up from this line! Next entry is going to really special so sit tight while I get everything together! <3


  1. love the shadows! happy anniversary!

  2. omgomgomg all of those lipsticks look amazing and crazy pigmented! i can't justify paying for full price for mac stuff ever since i went to my first warehouse sale... which means living vicariously through you when new collections come out! heartless looks AMAZING

  3. great haul, congrats on the blog birthday! :)

  4. Happy anniversary! I'm glad MAC came out with this collection, now I don't feel so guilty about thinking the Evil Queen was pretty the first time I saw her--and every time since. LOL

  5. Happy Blog Anniversary!!! and also Birthday as well :)

    OMG *jealous* of your MAC VV Haulage hehe I tried to be good and get anything but everything just looks so gorgeous

  6. Nice haul girl! Arghh they didnt release collection in uk yet im so sad :( I love Heartless lipstick on you! :)

  7. I looooove the packaging for the venomous villians collection, I think it's adorable! It makes me want to do a great big haul and buy EVERYTHING hahaha and happy 1st birthday to your blog :D

  8. ooo la la, what an exciting time! : ) love the lipglasses especially

  9. OMG! I'm so envious! I went to the MAC lauch of the VV collection, but I didn't see anything I really liked, because there were a bunch of people grabbing things, dropping things, and not putting things back, so I didn't get a good look at what I wanted to get.

    But great haul!

  10. you deserve all the support in the world! I love your blog, and I'm glad you still do it after a year!

    The thing I don't like about the packaging is the glossy black and the stills they chose for the products. I think adding a border would have been a nice touch. Especially to Maleficent because of the movie's gothic art style.

    I'm curious to see how the beauty powders look on you. :)

    I think all the lip products have to be the winners in this collection. They all look fab on you!

    Happy Early Birthday! <3

  11. ooh! havent got a chance to check this collection out yet... loving the "strange potion" lip stick!

  12. Congrats on the blog anniversary ^___^

    Thanks for the lip swatches, I think I can resist getting Toxic Tale now as I have a similar shade in my stash. Still lemming Violetta but thank god it's pro :D

  13. Thanks!! Yes the TB flats are really comfy and they are currently 20% off at the Bloomies F&F sale. =)

  14. i'm thinking to purchase innocence beware lipstick but is it like the creme d'nude lipstick? i cant even use that lipstick. doesnt suit me :(

  15. @Sandy Innocence, Beware is in the same family as Creme d'Nude. It is pinker and can be hard to apply. It is more wearable than Creme D'nude. I would say test it out first

  16. Congrats on the one year bloggersary! Lovely haul~ I didn't pick anything up because I thought that I have similar things at home. Too bad though as I really love Disney. I agree, they should have included Ursula!!

  17. YAY for 1 year of bloggin!!! ^_^

    I saw the devilishly stylish lipgloss and the nude lippie (i forgot what it was called) and I loved both of them!!!

    awesome collection!

  18. hhehe yeah I got it and I am soo happy! like a kid with candies lol! i wanna see more of your FOTD too! Please do a look with your minerlized eyes shadows!!!

  19. Happy bloggiversary!
    Awesome haul and thanks for the swatches, they look great on you :)

  20. Hun! I got my Mac venomous Villians goodies! omg... you pulled off a red lipstick so well.. I got Heartless and Im kinda hesitating to wear it alil becus its too red for me :(

  21. nice haul!! the lip color look so pretty on you :)


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