Where's the Fire??

It's on my head!!!

After several attempts this week I'm surprised I'm not bald! I love my hair for being so strong and putting up with my antics of trying to dye it a bajillion colors in one week. I actually wanted the color to be a sandy blonde/brown color and when I first did it, I had ended up lightening my roots too much and the rest of my hair looked like a plain brown. So then I had tried to redo the whole thing with the same color hoping that the second process would even the color out. Forty minutes later did become lighter but so did my roots! So attempt number 3 I tried to dye it with a Garnier color called Hot Tamale. LoL. The description was a "light auburn blonde" so I figured why not try it and hopefully it'll come out decent. Yeah the color was a deep auburn and my roots where still like "AHHHH, look at me the owner of this hair totally screwed up her DIY hair dye job!" so finally I went to Rite Aid and picked up this thing called Color Oops! It saved my tri-colored hair because it took out all the color I had put in recently.

It took a total of 30 minutes of rinsing for me to get the color out. The final result was the initial color I had wanted. A non brassy simple golden beige. I had figured that I would leave my hair alone now that achieved the goal I want. I was happy as could be too because it looked pretty even (roots and all) but the sandy color made me look too washed out. So I figured I would try a final time to color it now that it was even and used another box of the Garnier Hot Tamale shade.


It came out a little darker than the box, but the color oops warned that the shade would probably be darker so I wasn't too alarmed.

What do you guys think? Do you like it?


  1. hot tamale, haha! I like it!! I have virgin hair...

  2. how come I'm the only one who ever comments? lol

  3. because i don't have many followers! =( But I love the love u give lol

  4. you look gorgeous, that's for sure, but I would not ever dare to dye my hair that many times! respect girl!


  5. Looks great on you!
    red has always been my choice of dye for hair =)

  6. love the new color! i have virgin hair too xD lately i've been trying to solve that by getting crazier haircuts ^_^


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