My Mac Haul

So here is what I have gotten from my GCs to Mac!! =) I'm so happy that I am finally getting into Mac products, I am in love with their glosses, lipsticks, lip products. Notice a trend? Anyway, these are some pictures I took of what I got.

So I picked up the Cremesheens because they are going to discontinue them soon =( booo. A lipglass from the Love Lace collection, a regular lipglass and lipstick, two lipsticks from the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection and the pearlmatte face powder from their Lillyland collection. I took pictures of each and swatches to show you guys what the color looks like on skin =)

The first this is the face powder from Lillyland. (The picture is taken with a flash) The photo is pretty true to the colors in this powder. You can probably swirl them all with a kabuki and lightly dust it all over your face for a nice glow or you can use the colors separately to contour and highlight your face. The design on it is beautiful. I can't wait to start using it!

Here is the swatch. The colors were swatched starting from the largest part going clockwise. =)

The next is Mac's matte lipstick in Russian Red. It's a red blue matte that I think is a beautiful red. It's great for those days when you wanna be a vixen and glam it up

The only thing I would recommend is for you to prime your lips with lip balm or chapstick or whatever you use because being that this is a matte, your lips will dry out a bit. Oh and of course for you to line your lips as well ^__^

Next are the lipsticks from the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection. They are very pretty sheer lustres.

The left is Myself and the right is Equality. I accidentally dropped my Equality lipstick when I got it. Even though it didn't break you can see the marks from the carpet. (Don't worry I sanitized it thoroughly) Myself is very close to my natural lip color when I put it on and Equality is a buildable nude that can be put on along with another lipstick or gloss over it. I think it makes my look too blah by itself. Here are the swatches. The left is Myself and the right is Equality.

Next are the glosses! Yay, probably what you guys really want to see =). So I got two Cremesheen glosses one in Boy Bait, the other in Ever So Rich. I also got a Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks. I am in love with each one. Baby Sparks is a bit sticky like Mac's lipglasses but the Cremesheens are not sticky! They are creamy and smooth and sheer. Mac is going to be discontinuing the Cremesheen glosses so if you guys want them you need to snatch them out now! The only complaint I have with these glosses is that you pay more for less. A Cremesheen/Dazzleglass is $18.00 USD for 1.92g/0.06 oz. A lipglass is $14.00 USD for 4.8g/0.17 oz. They just make it seem like it's more cause of the packaging. Good way of tricking us into thinking we're getting more Mac! *shakes fist*

Here are the swatches (From left to right: Ever So Rich, Boy Bait, Baby Sparks)

The last things are the two lipglasses I picked up. I picked up one from the Love Lace collection called Icescape. I was actually surprised that they still had anything from that collection still there considering how long it's been out! The other was just a lipglass from their regular line called Florabundance. Icescape is a beautiful sheer iridescent pink color and Florabundance is a pigmented peachy pink color. Both are sticky, but if you a Mac fan or have tried any of Mac's lipglasses you would know this already, me reiterating it is just for those of you who want to try these out =)

The swatches: Icescape on left and Florabundance on right (My hand is red from wiping off all the other glosses and lipsticks so don't pay attention to that =P)

Oh I forgot to say that all these lip products have the signature Mac Vanilla smell, which I love, but I know some people are not fans of this.  This blog post was pretty picture happy. I hope you guys enjoy and if you want to know more about them just ask! =) Take care all!


  1. I am in love with the lipsticks! I need to get myself a couple now! :)

  2. I'm suddenly jealous, haha.
    I just came home from a CVS haul (they had 75% off certain items!).

  3. @Denysia I love Mac's lipsticks and glosses! Plus hey have soo many colors I get color overload, it's bad

    @Lisa-I find CVS to be very dangerous these days because of their sales! I got an eyeshadow for like 0.75 cents! Crazy stuff!

  4. great haul! && i LOVE your nails - are they your real nails or acrylic? really pretty!!

    thanks for your comment - sadly, pictures are decieving, and my body isn't that sick. lol

  5. @freshelle they are actually bought from the drugstore and applied on myself! It's much cheaper than acrylics and healthier for your nails =). Well I think u have an awesome body! <3

  6. Love love your haul, I was thinking of getting either boy bait or florabundance, are they comparable? Which one do you think is nicer?

  7. @Pretty Pouts, Florabundance is really pigmented and sticky while Boybait is not sticky and sheer. They almost the same in color but they aren't on your lips. It all depends on your preference of what you want. If you want just a light gloss I would say Boybait, if you want a gloss that mutes your lips and is super pigments I would say Florabundance! =)

  8. the cremesheens are being discontinued? that sucks since you say they're the only non-sticky mac, haha. Well that's just evil of them to charge $18 for 1.85g!! You know, I thought mac would do a friends and family sale by now...

  9. @Steph it is evil to charge that much! I wish they would have a sale on their stuff that they are discontinuing. I'm sure that they will eventually repromote the Cremesheens, they did it last time =)


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