I know this is a makeup/fashion blog with tidbits of my personal life, but I cannot help but be affected by the traumatic events that have happened in Haiti. This poor country is in shambles right now and everyone there is suffering. I find it very hard to watch the news as they uncover the aftermath of this terrible earthquake. My eyes begin to well with tears as I think that all these people have been affected in some way, that they have lost a friend, a mother, a father, sons, daughters, even pets. When you see them on the street injured and in pain you realize that these people don't have the sufficient supplies or funds to help themselves, this is why it's so important not just for us, but for everyone to help. So today's post won't be about a haul I've gotten or my FoTD or EoTD, today's post is going to be just for these people. We cannot turn a blind eye to them as painful as it is to watch or hear about, we need to help those in need.

Taken from DailyMail News

The great Muhammad Ali once said "The service you give to people is the rent you pay for room and board here on Earth" I find this to be very true. Instead of spending energy being negative about something, realize that things could be a lot worse, realize that all that energy spent could be put into something positive for yourself or even for someone else. You know that happy feeling you get when you know you made someone's day? Even if you can only donate five dollars it's still something. If 500 people gave only five dollars that would be twenty-five hundred dollars to help a family, to rebuild a home, to provide food or fresh water to those that desperately need it. Or if you can't donate any money because your situation is tough, say a prayer for them, wish that this country can get out of this situation through the strength within them as a people and also through the aid that has been given to them. Please, please, please help these people out.

Here is the CNN page that provides all the legit places to donate or send necessities to:

Or if you don't want to use your credit card or can't make it to the post office/UPS:
Text HAITI to 90999 and $10 dollars will be charged to your phone bill and donated to the Red Cross fund
Thanks for reading all, and remember to take the time to tell the people you care about that you love them or miss them because life is so fleeting. Remember we call it the "present" because it is truly a gift. Be safe everyone <3

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