My HG Nude Lipstick!

I found it today at CVS!

I went in today to pick up my Glamour magazine and saw the new line of lipsticks that Revlon has introduced. It's called Color Burst Lipstick and I picked up two colors, one in Soft Nude (070) and the other in Baby Pink (020) The packaging kind of reminds me of the Chanel Print on some of their bags. I really like the fact that Revlon is upgrading their packaging!
Without Flash

With Flash

The pink is pretty sheer with the ability to build up to your preferred intensity of color. It has a bit of a pearlescent to it, it's very soft and creamy. I love the textures of the these lipsticks, they're creamy non-drying and I am completely in love! The Soft Nude I find much better in texture compared to the Revlon's Matte Nude Attitude. I know it's Matte but it left my lips considerably dry and I looked somewhat dead. This doesn't wash me out and I can it wear it by itself.

Here is the color without any gloss. See how nice it is! It doesn't really settle into lines like my Nude attitude does. You guys should definitely go try these babies out!


  1. those look hot! I feel dead when I wear nude attitude too, haha

  2. I know I was so so excited! Maybe ur CVS will have it now too =)

  3. Yet another thing I will need to add to my shopping list of stuff to get. The color looks so pretty. I need a nice nude lipstick, Nude Attitude was awful. Glad to hear the texture is more user friendly too.

  4. I saw this at CVS today! The only thing I don't like is how you can't see through the lid anymore. I'm waiting until it's bogo, and I have coupons. :)

  5. ohhh i hope they get these at my local drugstore soon!! i love the packaging and they look SO creamy <3 some of Revlon's other lipsticks were SO dry and horrible but the texture of these look great. thanks for sharing girl! you got me itching to try 'em too now! xx


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