HTML is not my friend

So after finding a template to futz around with and after re-adding all my widgets and boxes, and retyping my wish list >_< I finally have updated my blog! I even redid the banner and now I will not touch it...FOREVER! Well, maybe not forever, but I won't be playing around with it anytime soon lol. Let me know what you think guys! Don't worry more makeup blogs are coming. I have Cargo and Maybelline to talk about next ^_^

Here is a picture for you ladies. This fine looking hunk of a man is my fiance, John. He's half Polish and Half Puerto Rican (in case you're wondering) and he's Amazing ^____^

Us Summer of 09' at the Bronx Zoo


  1. He IS a "fine looking hunk of a man." You guys look so cute together! I love what you did with the blog, it all matches so nicely! Great job for no html experience! I like how even your shirt matches, hehe. I need to make banners, but blah I'm lazy when it comes to doing it for myself.

  2. awh thanks Steph! ^_^ i actually made my banner on this site called picnik.com, it's really easy u should look into it! Ur comment made all my hard work worth it!

  3. You guys look cute! And I like the layout! It's simple, and nice! :D

  4. TWO THUMBS UP FOR THE CHICAGO BEARS JERSEY!!! haha... im chicago bears fan woohoo!!! I followed u back stephy! :))

  5. HI Hun! thanks for the sweet message and thank you for stopping by! <3 you two looks super happy together ^__^

    seeing happy couple makes me happy too :D

  6. Ohhh cute couple! You are going to have some good looking kids! :)


Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog. I read all my comments and appreciate each and every one! ^_^

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