Photo Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Megan for this photo tag. Here are the rules:

1-Open your first photo folder
2-Scroll to the 10th photo
3-Post the photo & Story behind it
4-Tag 5 or More People

This photo was taken by me when we got our second car. A brand new Nissan Altima Hybrid. This was John after work when we went to go pick it up! =) See how excited he is? You can see me in the reflection taking a picture. LoL. This was back when I had blonde hair. The shot was probably taken over a year and half ago so this is a pretty old picture I managed to pick. He was so sweet that day because he let me into the driver seat to turn the car on first, I blessed it! That was a pretty exciting day.

Now I tag

This isn't part of the tag but my bestie sent our Christmas package along with my late birthday gift and look!

She got me the Converses by Product Red. Part of the proceeds goes to funding Aids Research in Africa. I love them! They are super cushy and different from every other pair of Converses I have =) Thank you love!!

Ignore my wet hair lol

Check you guys out later! =)


  1. What a good picture and story.
    I take like a billion pictures a day of my son so 90% of my pictures are almost storyless it's like look Zack found a crumb, Zack blinked, Zack looked at the dog, Zack is going to get some sort of eye disease due to being exposed to my cameras flash a billion times a day.
    Cute shoes too by the way.
    That's awesome I got to tag your blog first.

  2. haha ur comment made me LoL! I'm sure when I have a kid I will be the same with the camera, it's all about the memories! I'm so excited that u tagged me! Ty!!

  3. Thanks for the tag girl! :)

    I want to get a new pair of converses soon!

  4. oh those converses look lovely and such a great cause too! lovely blog, i'm a follower now :)

  5. thanks a lot girl for your comment <3 and for the TAG!

    those red converses look fun to wear! it adds a nice touch of colour to every outfit :) so sweet of your friend to get them for you! xx

  6. @Denysia- these converses are sooo comfy, you should definitely look into these if u want something different from the same type of Chuck Taylor

    @Christy-awh thanks for following my blog! I appreciate all the support!

    @Anita Have fun with the tag! =) and thanks for the compliments =)


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