June Favorites!

I haven't done a favorites post in ages! I truly apologize, it has been my fault that the past few months I've been randomly trying different products and not sticking to certain particular items. However, this past month I've been consistently using certain products that I have been loving. Huzzah!

1-MAC Surf, Baby! Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Gold-Go-Lightly: This is the powder that I've been using to contour my face every time I go apply my makeup. The powder is fine and blends really well. This probably has replaced my NARS Laguna bronzer especially since it's a matte powder.

2-MAC Bite of an Apple Blush: This blush is super pigmented and leaves a lovely glow on my cheeks. This was originally from the Venomous Villans collection.

3-Inglot custom palette: I bought this palette when I was in Vegas and chose the colors myself. I love that I can throw this in my bag for touch ups and also cause it's very neutral, but still versatile enough for an evening look. Top colors: KI13CF, KE28CF Bottom: KH17CK, KH05CC

4-Jack Black Lip balm in Grapefruit & Ginger: My new favorite lip balm! My lips have been so smooth and moisturized since I've started using this. I also have the black tea and blackberry one in my purse. Both smell amazing.

5-Lancome Custom Design Lipstick in Oh My!: I got the lipstick as a gift with purchase when I purchased their summer Color Fever glosses. This is such a lovely color. I thought it would super brown how the sheer wash of color is beautiful. I would describe it as a peach color with shimmer. I think it's neutral enough to wear everyday but some reviewers from MUA believe it's too shimmery for work. /Shrugs

6-Lancome Color Fever Lip Gloss in Peach Paradise: I have to thank Steph for turning me on to these glosses. For some reason I thought the Color Fever glosses would be sticky and tacky. I based this assumption off their Juicy Tubes which I don't like at all. These glosses are smooth and apply like a dream. I highly recommend!

7-Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer in 210: This brightens up my eyes and applies like a cream. Word of advice, if the color seems a little too dark in the jar, remember the white stripes of the Olay serum will lighten it. I do not recommend using this around the nose if you are Oily/Combo. It gets a little slick.

I also decided to add my jewelry favorites!

1-Octopus Necklace from Tia's Place: I fell in love with this necklace when I was in Grand Central Station. I was stuck between choosing the ring or the necklace and felt the necklace was more versatile. I have yet to name him (I have a habit of naming things) but I've been wearing this necklace with everything!

2-Jewelmint Sweetheart Ring: I've been eyeing this ring since the website launched. Now that I finally have it, I've been wearing the ring on my index finger or middle finger. 

3-Eve's Addiction Elephant's on a Parade Ring: I'm a huge lover of elephants and have been told that they are good luck. I had been searching for an elephant ring that wasn't gaudy or obnoxious looking and fell in love with this one. There are three elephants each connected by their trunk and tail. 

Whew, this was a longer post than I expected! Hope all of you are well and Happy 4th if I don't post before then!


  1. Hey hun! I love that Inglot palette! :) And thanks for your congrats comment on my blog! I'm going through some IntenseDebate issues, so my commenting form is all messed up and isn't showing up anymore, but I wanted to let you know that I got your comment! :D
    Have an awesome day!

  2. I wish I'd managed to grab Bite of the Apple, it looks amazing. And that Octopus is so so cute :D

  3. I love the elephant ring--and that octopus looks like a Rick, not sure why...just saying. LOL!

    I don't know about the products you used, but I do understand the happiness and comfort that comes with finding products you really like. While traveling I once had to use whatever they had on sale in the little hotel shop--I didn;t feel right that whole day. My first stop that evening was the drugstore 3 blocks from the hotel.

    I can't decide whether to watch Independence Day one of the 3,000 times it will be on this weekend. Hmmm, guess I'll play it by ear.

    Happy Independence Day!!!

  4. That octopus necklace is SO freaking CUTE! *_* omg! -faints-
    Also I'm hearing a lot about Careblend being better than MSF Natural.. D: I refuse to believe that! *clings to MSFN*

  5. Great JUne favorites!! =) I love bite of an apple blush as well!! i even got a back up!! :P

  6. I wish I'd picked up Bite of an Apple blush. I really wanted that Surf Baby bronzer but I have the worst timing ever and had just asked someone to CP me NARS Laguna :P

  7. LOVE the octopus necklace! so cute!

  8. hi pretty i miss your posts ^_^

    hugs and kisses

  9. Hello!

    Your haul looks really great.
    If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

    Hope to see you around there!
    xoxo :)


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