I look fresh even when it's steamy out 


  1. You do look fresh! ^_^ I love your curls!! what curling iron are you using?

  2. p.s. I dunno why - but uh.....all this time that I've known you - I have never subscribed to your YT channel...*fail* LOL but i'm a subscriber now! *teehee*

  3. I wish I had knew how to do hair... and the energy to look presentable on a daily basis. haha! Very cute outfit! :)

  4. Yes you do! I don't have that gift. The heat makes it mark on me and today was bad. It was sooo sticky out. I walked around our Folklife Festival during lunch today and got soaked from the heat and humidity.

    It sounds like we had similar weather today. You look great (very pretty hair) and I was drying my hair with a paper towel in the men's room. =)

  5. lol you look like you're gonna punch someone!

  6. Very pretty! <3 What bag is that?


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