MAC Semi Precious Blush and Shadow Haul

I first caught a glimpse of the Semi-Precious line in a Marie Claire magazine about a month or so ago.  I immediately went insane over the shadows and the blushes. For some reason I love the swirled baked aesthetic appeal of it.

Now due to my immensely growing makeup collection, I couldn't buy every single shade. After much reviewing and YouTube watching, I decided to settled on...all three blushes and three of the eyeshadows.
Feeling Flush is really pigmented and great for darker and cool skin tones. Warmth of Coral is a beautiful peachy blush that can come off a little powdery on darker skin tones. Pressed Amber is a beautiful brown that is great to add some warmth to your face.

My Mineral Mode looks nothing like the promo picture. I think I just got an un-swirled one. Golden Gaze is my favorite, great to use for a smokey eye. Rare Find I have not used yet but I think it will pair lovely with hazel and brown eyes.

What did you get from the line?? 


  1. At first I thought, "Shucks, I've nothing to say this time." But then I spotted your ring. That's a beauty! I forget what the blue stone is called, but it's one of my favorites. How can I not remember??? This is my penanace for something. =)

  2. UGH, the mineralized eye shadows seriously look so beautiful.. I would hate to swatch it, haha. I'm surprised you didn't get any MSFs! The Warmth Coral is such a great shade.. is it very shimmery?

  3. Golden Gaze looks so pretty! I love that rusty gold color. *_* Great picks. :D

  4. I'm really loving the blushes! I'm debating if I want to go pick these up, thanks for the swatches! :)

  5. You picked a perfect selection of varying colors! Warmth of Coral looks absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. pressed amber looks amazing on, the mac girl put it on me along with other stuff from this collection but i resisted bc i'm on a makeup..or shopping ban to be exact...LOL

  7. omg... you went crazy huh! what happen to Semi precious Mineralize skin finishes? didnt u like them?
    I was wondering, I love love coal blushes but feel like I have too many in my collection, do you think Warmth of CORAL comparable to Mac peaches???

  8. I didn't pick up anything from the collection (too stingey) but I did want all of the blushes and those 4 blackened mineralized shadows. Nice picks :)


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