Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Ash

I am a firm believer that brows shape and complete the face. I've seen those internet memes of celebrities without their eyebrows and frankly, they terrify and creep me the f*** out. 

Look at that!

Now thankfully I was blessed with pretty thick brows (thanks Mom!) but yet I wanted to shape and define them more. Remember folks, you want refined, shapely brows, not untamed shrubbery. Over the past years I have tried all sorts of drugstore eyebrow pencils but laughed at the results it gave me. Every color was too red or brown for my hair coloring and I ended up looking like a hot mess. I don't know about you but black hair and red brows is not a good look.

After hearing the rave reviews from pretty much everyone, I decided to bite the price bullet and purchase the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Ash. Now in my indecisive way, it took me about ten minutes to decide which color to get. After a tireless battle in my brain, I settled for Medium Ash because I didn't really want to color them, I just wanted to shape them up a bit. I also rationalized that if the color was really off I could simply exchange it.

Well, if you came here looking for a negative review on this brow pencil, you're looking at the wrong place. I LOVE THIS! Overall, my brows now look more refined and natural as opposed to using drugstore pencils or eye shadow. 

This is a mechanical pencil with a wind-up mechanism, so you don't have to waste any product sharpening it. Which to me is great since it doesn't come with a ton of product anyway. You only get 0.003 ounces which will only last some people about two weeks with consistent daily use. So this is a bit of an investment especially if you need to fill your brows everyday. The pencil also comes with a built in spoolie to help brush the brow hairs in place and to soften the pencil if needed.

I think what really won me over was the color selection. There are a total of seven shades to choose from, allowing everyone to find a suitable color for them. The shades all have realistic undertones which add dimension and depth without looking fake or drawn on. You never want someone to say "you drew on your brows really great today!" Another plus was how long it lasted on me. I went to the gym after a lunch date and to my surprise, my brows still looked polished and untouched. I would say that if you have extremely oily skin, this may not be as smear resistant.

If you are sick of wasting money on failed brow pencils, take a gander at the Anastasia Brow Wiz line. You may sing praises like the majority of us!

-Great shade variety
-Wind-up pencil
-Formulated with parabens, sulfates or phthalates
-Water-resistant and smear-resistant
-People with all brow types can use this (sparse or full)

-A bit pricy (usually priced at $21 USD)
-Not a lot of product
-Not available everywhere

Would I Recommend/Repurchase? Yes and yes.


  1. Your brows always look good. But to be honest, I think I only notice eyebrows if they've gone uni-brow. Until now. I bet thta now I start noticing. I never noticed women's shoes until I started blogging and blog friends wrote about shoes. Blogging has either made me more well-rounded as a person or ruined me, depending on your perspective. :D

  2. love! i use medium ash too! this is one of the few items that i actually purchase every single month. love that you can use the coupons on anastasia products at ulta!

  3. I have ebony too for when I refresh my hair color. Since the brown looks black! I think you would like the dipbrow, a little goes a long way and it's waterproof!

  4. I would say that it's made you a more well-rounded person! You can help your wife with fashion decisions!! And thank you for thinking my brows always look nice!!


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