Review: Shiseido IBUKI Softening Concentrate

During the winter months, my skin gets ridiculously dry. I think it's from all the dry heat indoors and windy conditions outside. So it was no surprise that even my heaviest moisturizer didn't work. I would slather the stuff on and still see dry patches emerge on my chin and cheeks. My simple morning routine became longer because I would have to layer my moisturizer before even thinking of putting on any sort of makeup. The problem with layering moisturizers is how heavy my face felt. I felt like my pores weren't breathing so I decided to find a solution to this winter skin.

In previous years, I used the Lumene Arctic Aqua Moisture Booster before my moisturizer and loved it. However once I moved further from New York it seemed my skin got drier during the winter months. Maybe it has to do with me getting older, haha (not really). I also noticed that if I used too much of the serum, it would feel very tacky. That's when I got desperate and decided to look in Sephora for an alternative.

After browsing the skincare section, I was losing hope in finding an alternative until I stumbled across Shiseido's IBUKI line. I wasn't interested in any of the face washes or lotions but I did take a big interest in the IBUKI Softening Concentrate.
According to the website this is a "deep-infusion formula that delivers powerful ingredients into the skin for a softer, smoother feel." It's basically a more frou frou version of the Lumene moisture booster. At the store, I pumped a small amount onto the back of my hand and continued to browse the store. After about five minutes, the back of my hand felt great. I was sold.

I have been using this consistently everyday for the past month and have been impressed with the results. While it is more expensive, a little goes a long way. There is 2.5 ounces and I haven't even used a quarter of this yet so I know this will last me quite some time. I don't even use a whole pump and it's enough for my entire face and neck. Any tightness I feel on my face goes away completely. I'm pretty sure that I can even use this in the summer alone as a light moisturizer. That's how hydrating it is to me. After application, I allow the serum to dry a bit before applying my moisturizer and my face feels smooth and soft. I haven't experienced any abnormal breakouts or reactions while using this.

There is a scent to the product. To me, it smells like a fancy high end skincare product. Nothing too invasive or strong, but I can some who might find this too perfume-y for their taste. Like I always say, test it in the store or be sure the company has a great return policy if you buy online.
I didn't expect miracles with this item, but I'm glad that the IBUKI Softening Concentrate did deliver some excellent results. I am a now a fan and will continue to use this product. 

-Hydrating, especially for very dry skin
-Nice base for moisturizer
-Scent might be overwhelming for some
-Only available in dept. stores, online or Sephora

Re-Purchase/Recommend: Yes and yes.

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  1. i love t own shiseido goodies hun but it was so expensive (not budget friendly for a mom in a budget like me lol)


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