Review: Maybelline The Buffs Lipstick Review

After searching online and in my local drugstores, I was finally able to get my hands on two of these ever so popular Maybelline The Buffs lipsticks. To be honest, at first I was kinda meh about the line and was going to skip out on it. Of course after reading blog posts and seeing swatches on Instagram and YouTube, I totally changed my mind and the collector in me needed to add these to my already large collection of lipsticks.

The formula is the same as the original Maybelline ColorSensational line. This means that the consistency, scent and texture are pretty much the same as its predecessor. So if you didn't like those, I would skip these. I personally don't mind the smell and find the texture to be creamy and slightly hydrating. Both lasted at least three hours on me without eating. With eating, I had to reapply after the meal.

The Buffs has ten permanent shades to choose from. The old me would have purchased all ten but after much debate, I decided on 915 Blush Beige and 945 Stormy Sahara. Some of the other colors were more brown and I'm more of a fan pinky/coral nudes. Blush Beige is the lighter of the two and definitely accentuates any flakes or dryness on your lips so exfoliation and balm is a must! Stormy Sahara is more of a "peachy, orange" nude that I just love. Both can be paired with a smokey eye or a natural eye, it all depends on your preference. Out of the two, Stormy Sahara is easier to wear, since it doesn't accentuate flaws as easily. 

Blush Beige and Stormy Sahara

If you love or like nudes, I suggest you check out the line. The ten shades provide a variety that go from very pale to vampy so there is something for everyone. Plus the drugstore price makes it more wallet friendly (the BoGo sales always help too!).

-Ten shades
-Part of the permanent line
-Available in drugstore and online

-Scent for some
-Not all shades have same texture
Repurchase/Recommend? Yes and yes.

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  1. I like them both, with the edge going to Stormy Sahara.


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