Review: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

So what exactly is a No Foundation Foundation? According to Perricone, it's suppose to be "an age-fighting makeup that provides natural coverage and nonchemical SPF 30 protection." Basically, it's a fancy and expensive tinted moisturizer. I paid $55USD for this little baby and I plan on using every last bit of it.

The product comes packaged in a beautiful amber glass bottle, which I must say looks beautiful on top of my makeup stand. It contains one fluid ounce, which is standard for most tinted moisturizers and foundations. There is a pump to dispense the product, making it mess-free and easy to use. One of the downsides of the No Foundation Foundation is the lack of color choices. They currently only have two shades, fair and light to medium. I have the light to medium and you will see from the swatch that it is a tad too dark for me currently. So instead of just keeping it in my drawer, I have been mixing it with my MAC Face and Body foundation to create the right shade. Another factor that may persuade you from buying this the scent. To me, it smells citrusy and doesn't bother me at all, but I've read several reviews that people find this to have a fishy smell due to the DMAE ingredient in it. So my advice to you is to smell it in store before you decide to purchase it. 

Now is it truly amazing? Yes and no. For those who have clear, normal to dry skin, this will be amazing. I have dry skin in the winter and this provides a beautiful dewy finish. It smooths out lines and reduces the appearance of pores. I have noticed with continued use, my skin does feel better and smoother. Perhaps it is the anti-aging ingredients, DMAE and alpha-lipoic acid in it. Now for people who have oily, acne prone skin. This may not be for you. It will make you very dewy (aka oily) and will not provide the coverage needed to conceal scars and dark spots.

The best way to apply this is with your fingers. I know, some of you are probably thinking how gross that is, but using my fingers to apply my base makeup is one of my favorite methods (aside from the Beauty Blender). I've tried using it with a brush but it applies streaky and I have to blend it in with my fingers anyway. With the BB, it tends to absorb the product regardless how damp the sponge is. 

Overall, this "no foundation foundation" is a winner in my book. Perhaps the only things that will stop me from repurchasing is the price and the fact I can only use it for half of the year since my skin does change during the summertime.

-Anti-aging properties
-Classy packaging
-Great for those with dry skin
-SPF protection (non-chemical)
-No parabens

-Lack of color choices

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  1. Thanks for following me! i've been trying to get the .. "no make up" make up look ;) and I think the Clinique CC cream is working quite well for me but then again coverage is just light- medium.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! hopefully I'll get more posts out soon!

    Grace www.ouihui.blogspot.com

  2. This sounds like a great foundation, and I'm with you I don't mind using my fingers.


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