Blog Challenge Day 2 and 3

So I picked the worst week to start this blog challenge haha. So I'll fit two challenges in today

Day 2:A Pic of Something You Can't Live Without
Mah boo and my cellphone. He's holding his cellphone haha. He's my best friend. Everyday he comes home I am so happy to see him. Everyone keeps telling me that you have to marry your best friend and I totally feel that way. We balance each other out, he's the rational one, I'm the emotional one you know, stuff like that ^^

Blog Challenge Day 3: A Habit You Wish You Didn't Have
I really wish I wasn't a compulsive shopper. It's like I see limited edition and I go "MUST HAVE!" it's like another person takes over. Bad bad bad. I've gotten a lot better especially since it's my own money I'm spending but once in a while I feel a binge shopping trip and it's so hard to control.

This is not part of the blog challenge but I went to Tao this past week with J and his family and I got this as a fortune. I laughed super hard


Blog Challenge Day 1

I figured I would try to be more active on here like I promised so I decided to do a blog challenge and I will try to post everyday, if not every other day cause sometimes life just gets in the way ^^

Day 1: Recent Pic of You and 15 Interesting Facts About You
1) I hate two-faced people, people who lead other people on, and liars. If you are anyone of those things and I find out, especially if you are deceitful to me or someone I care about, you're cut and will always be considered a scumbag and non existent to me

2) I can sometimes have trust issues, once I let you into my life it's because I want to, like I said if you take advantage, I will cut you out just as quick as I let you in

3) My shopping weaknesses are: makeup (duh), shoes, and dresses

4) I am very in love with my fiance and I know that I will be marrying my best friend and love of my life

5) I love to read, reading is essential to me in order to have a cultured life.

6) I really dislike when people "Like" their own status on FB. It makes you seem conceited.

7) I think I'm a pretty approachable person. I will take the time to tell a person that I like something they are wearing, even if they are a stranger.

8) I have three tattoos and I want more ^^

9) I want a big family of my own just because mine was small and I never want my kids to experience some of things I went through.

10) Ok, I have a huge celebrity crush on Wang Leehom, he's just too cute and his voice is wonderful

11) I'm a gamer/nerd/sports watcher and you will never hear me get upset if you want to watch sports or play a video game

12) I will always be a kid at heart, I feel it keeps us young to never lose our youth and our imagination, life would be boring

13) I always find quotes or lyrics to fit in my life somehow.

14) My girlfriends are amazing, ones that I have met in life and through blogger

15) I'm very easy going. It's rare that I don't go with the flow


EotD plus it's my 100th Post!

I can't believe that I have 100 posts on this blog!! Wow! I'm really surprised that I have stuck with this blog for so long. I think it's cause of all the amazing people I've met through here =)

But I did an EoTD. Well it's more like Eye of the Night because it's a night time look. I was playing around with my shadows and this is what I came up with. Of course I would not use the BB cream as a foundation at night cause of the SPF but this is what I had on my face when I went to go run errands.

 Let me know if you guys wanna know how I did it =)

No Flash Here

Products used:
On Eyes:
L'Oreal H.I.P. Cream liner in Eggplant as a base
MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in Young Punk
NYX Salmon
MAC Rice Paper
CoverGirl Champagne
NYX Falsies

On Face:
BB Girl The Hot Pink One
Cargo Blu-Ray Powder
R&R Blush in Bedroom

MAC Peachstock
MAC English Accents

Happy Tuesday! <3



B.I.O. Beauty Inside & Out

So last week while I was on the elliptical machine at my gym, the Tyra Show was on. Usually I don't watch the show just because sometimes I feel that Tyra can have a bit of a "me" complex. However being that the show was on, I figured I would watch it. It was her final week for the show and for the day she decided to talk about beauty.  Ever since the incident with her in the bathing suit, (the brown one piece) and her "kiss my fat ass" speech Tyra has been on a campaign to expand and broaden the beauty horizon beyond the media cookie cutter image. Some of you may go "please Tyra is pretty even when she is chunky," but this isn't about her, it's about the scrutiny that comes from media and people in society when we aren't a certain weight, height, body type.

I really thought this was a moving show because there are so many people who suffer from low self esteem. We are enforced by media to strive for perfection instead of health and fitness and happiness. This show also hit home for me because when I was younger, I was awkward and it wasn't fun.  

Confession time!-
When I was younger I never thought I was pretty and at times hated my body image. No boys never paid attention to me the way they paid attention to my friends. I hated my small chest and thick thighs and even sometimes my overall appearance and when I finally got a boyfriend I was so self conscious and jealous. To me, any girl who spoke to them liked them or had an ulterior motive. I even went through issues with my fiance about my issues of self esteem. He couldn't just say a girl was pretty without me getting all sorts of shades of green.

It was a constant struggle to be confident in myself. As I got older, I got prettier and more compliments but it just didn't click in my head. It didn't get through and it was frustrating for friends and John. After countless arguments about my issues I sat down and wrote down all the things I wanted for myself and after I finished the list, I realized that they were by far unrealistic and also that maybe I was being too hard on myself.  At that moment I decided that I would try to do things differently. I started accepting compliments instead of arguing them, I didn't automatically think that just because someone else was being complimented it meant that they were prettier than me or better than me. I looked at myself in the mirror and said "I am beautiful." The last thing I did was faking my confidence till I had it. By doing so I began to believe in myself and my appearance. I believed that I am a beautiful person inside and out and it truly helped me out of this trying time in my young life.

Now the main point of this blog entry is this. We are all going to have our bad days and we are going to have our good days. We are going to think that nothing looks on us on certain days and on other days we are going to think everything looks amazing on us. This is life. What we can't do is let those negative days take over. We also have to realize that there is no one definition of beauty. Like Tyra said, there are all sorts and types of beauty and it cannot be defined by one image.

Me without any sort of makeup =)

How to help yourself with body issues and self esteem issues:
1)If you feel that you have issues with your image or your confidence, talk to someone, but don't talk to someone to fish for compliments. This method doesn't work because you'll always want more and feed into the cycle of having to have people compliment you or else you feel ugly. We don't want that. If you have a problem, a real image problem talk someone close and have them listen. Tell them that this is a problem and that you need help.

2)If you don't like the way you feel physically or feel that you're heavy or overweight do the right thing. Watch what you eat, be active, and take care of yourself. You will come to find that these things will be beneficial to you in the long run. DON'T compare yourself to someone else. Don't try to achieve someone else's body. You are your own person. In fact maybe if you start working out, you'll come to find that you love it! Or maybe finding different healthy ways to cook can help fuel a cooking passion. But one thing is for sure, you need to want this, no one else can do this for you except yourself. You cannot expect results from nothing, starvation, or pills. It's harmful and can be detrimental to you. Just because you are not a size 2 does not mean you aren't healthy or beautiful.

3) Do what I did. Fake it till you got it. Many may not believe that it works but it does! When you get a compliment, accept it. Don't argue against it, again it makes it seems like you're fishing. Strut down the street when you feel good about yourself or even when you don't. By believing in yourself you exude positive energy and create a better well being for yourself. In adopting a positive attitude you'll come to realize that compliments are given because they are deserved and that people like you for you not a person you're trying to be! 

Bottom line is be comfortable in your own skin. It's the only one you have and you can't exchange it because we don't come with receipts. 

A favorite quote of mine is "There's only one me in the galaxy, I am an endangered species." It's true. There's only one of you and you are beautiful.
Believe in yourself and anything is possible =)


A Piece of Me (August 2010)

I can't believe that it's August already!! I totally thought that I had another week! Heh. Summer is going by way too fast =(

I hope everyone is well. Of course it's that time of the month again where we all do "A Piece of Me" started by Notes from the Toothfairy. Yay!

This Month:

I Like: Summer cleaning! It's so nice to get rid of things you know you're never going to use and tidying up your home =)

 I Don't Like: Still don't like humidity...and I'm sad that I just finished the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. It was soo good!

I Want You To Know: That cleaning is very therapeutic!

I've Planned: To make this month more productive than last month!

I Want to Say to Someone Special: This is for my followers, thank you so much for following! I can't believe that I have 185 followers! Though I'm sure some don't read my blog, but the ones that do, THANK YOU for making me feel so welcomed still =)

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