First Impressions: Colourpop Lippiestix in Fancy, Tootsi, Pinch, and Lumiere

ColourPop is a budget friendly cosmetics company that has been all the rage for bloggers and YouTubers alike. Not only is it painfully affordable, its fashionable and chic with its branding and packaging. ColourPop was "born, raised and made with love in the City of Angels (LA)" and is "100% fur baby friendly." They have tons of lip shades to choose from and also have an extensive line of blushes, eye shadows, bronzers, and highlights to boot! The lowest priced single item begins at $5.00 USD and the most expensive priced single item is $8.00 USD. ColourPop also has sets that begin at $20.00 USD.

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Is It Hype? Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown

I think everyone who loves makeup has heard all the praises sung about Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner ($19 USD) in Trooper. So when I was on the hunt for a new liquid eyeliner, I decided to give this a shot rather than repurchase my beloved Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I have to say, I am quite impressed.
Instead of purchasing Trooper (which was sold out anyway) I decided to get her newest addition to the Tattoo Liner line, Mad Max Brown. On the Sephora website this color is described as a "rich chocolate brown." Now I love me a nice black liner, but sometimes I do like to change things up a bit so the brown definitely intrigued me.

When I first got the liner, the product did not dispense from the brush as easily as I thought it should. I had started to fear it was a dud. So I wiped the brush back and forth on a clean paper towel to see if the liner would still skip, but after a few strokes it seems the brush absorbed product and evenly dispensed it. So if this is happening to you, just try wiping the brush on the back of your hand or paper towel to wet the brush. That has been my only mishap with this product thus far.
KVD on the top and Stila on the bottom. KVD has an edge when it comes to the preciseness of their brush tips.

Besides the stunning packaging that I come to expect from KVD, the product is stellar. The brush tip is not felt like the Stila or other company versions so it won't fray or do any other sort of funny nonsense. This brush is also very precise and allows you to make the cleanest lines, making this an ideal liner for those who love their winged eyeliner. The color itself is deep and rich which allows you to add definition to your eyes without the drama of a black liner.
And let me tell you about the staying power of this liner. Regardless of what eyeliner I wear, I will get some fading because of the way my lids are. So of course this did fade slightly but it was by far the best at being the most resistant out of any of the liners I have tried. Also, you are not going to get this liner off without any sort of makeup remover. It's that good.

So is the Tattoo Liner worth the hype? For me, yes. I had pretty high expectations and this did not disappoint whatsoever. If you are in the hunt for a new liner, give this one a shot!

You can find Kat Von D products exclusively at Sephora!


Love Your Skin: GLAMGLOW Thirstycleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser Review

I'm sure you're all pretty sick of hearing me complain about how dry my skin is now. Believe me, I"m sick of thinking to myself how dry my skin is! But if any of you have followed me from the beginning of my blogging journey, you may recall that I didn't always have dry skin. In fact, when I was younger I was quite the grease ball so my skin change was a bit surprising. For years I always looked for skincare geared towards combo/oily skin and it was an abrupt change to start looking for products that would remedy my newly parched, dry skin.
I've searched far and wide for remedies that would eliminate dry, flaky patches and dull skin. So during the VIB sale I went browsing the Sephora at my local JCPenny's. Even with all the array of facial cleansers, the Glamglow Thirstycleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser caught my eye. I never delved too much into Glamglow as the only time I did was when I tried a travel size of their ever popular Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment mask (which I really enjoyed but it was a tad too stripping for my skin). However, this cleanser had "thirsty" in its title and I knew it was meant for us dry-skin sistas! I quickly snatched this up and left with my pocket $39.00 USD emptier.
I have to say, I do love Glamglow's packaging. The bottle comes packaged in a beautiful tube that is the same coloring. It looks and feels high quality. Once you remove the product from the cardboard tube, you instantly feel the weight of the bottle. The only caveat with this is that I cannot see the product. So it's a guessing game for you to figure out when you will need a new bottle.
For $39.00 USD you will get five ounces of product. It's a tad bit expensive but this is a mid-end luxury skincare product so you need to take that into consideration. I always feel that I am willing to pay a little more for a product that works and agrees with me. It's a waste of money to purchase all types of drugstore cleansers that don't really agree with what your skin needs.
What's unique about this cleanser is how it works. When you pump it out, it comes out as a thick mud. The directions say two pumps are required for an entire face but I've only been using one and it's been just the perfect amount for me. What you need to do is apply this "mud" all over your face. It'll feel like a mask and a little dry. It also smells like coconut Play-Doh to me; I know, a weird combo, but strangely addicting at the same time! Once you've covered your whole face you will then need to wet your hands and begin massaging the "mud" and with a mix of science and magic the "mud" will begin to foam and cleanse. Then all you need to do is rinse and pat your face dry.
Glamglow boasts a ton of beneficial ingredients in this cleanser. They also state that this formula is free of: parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. According to Sephora's description it has: "rare Brazilian yellow clay to help to remineralize the skin, pure green coconut water to immediately boost skin for intense hydration, olive milk rich in olive lipids and proteins to replenish skin, and plumeria flower blossom extract rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 to restore the skin barrier function. Indian gooseberry revitalizes and restores natural skin clarity while TEAOXI® olive leaf powder delivers natural linoleic acid to maintain moisture."  Fancy, right? 

It's been about a month since I've started using this cleanser and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. My skin doesn't feel stripped and the novelty of having this mud turn into a foaming cleanser is pretty neat. I can't say for sure that this is Holy Grail status but I enjoy it very much and could see myself repurchasing in the future.

Have you tried this cleanser or any of the Glamglow cleansers? I would love to hear about it!

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Lipstick Obsession: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks in Lovecraft and Lolita

I've always admired Kat Von D as an artist, whenever I would catch her on LA Ink way back in the day, I couldn't help but admire her artistry and talent. Her tattoos were always aesthetically appealing so when she came out with her makeup line in 2008 I was always intrigued but I never bit the bullet to buy any of her products. Now that I have purchased two of her lipsticks, I didn't know why I waited so long!

Out of all the colors in the Studded Kiss Lipstick line, I had my eye on both Lovecraft and Lolita, besides the enticing names they were the colors I would wear the most. Also, I've been on a matte kick as of late. Not only do they last longer, my hair doesn't stick to my lips when there's a breeze. Plus I think matte lipsticks are timeless.

Many people who have tried this lipstick line think it can be too drying. For me personally, I don't find the texture drying nor do I find that it drags uncomfortably on my lips upon application. With that being said, I would never apply this lipstick with chapped lips, unless you want to look like a hot mess! 

If you've purchased this lipstick and find it a bit drying, you can always apply some lip balm and use it as a base for the lipstick. I know many people have a lip prep during their makeup application. Remember that matte lipsticks have to be somewhat "drying" for their staying power.

From left: Lolita and Lovecraft

There is no offensive scent for these babies. Sephora describes the scent as a light creme brulee and I would definitely agree. It's not as vanilla-y as a MAC lipstick but there is a definite sweet note to the formula. I don't smell anything after it's applied though.

Another thing I love about the lipstick is the packaging. It's sleek but edgy and embodies Kat Von D wholeheartedly. I can't but to feel cool when I whip this out in public to reapply.

One of the only things I can probably say would be a determining factor is the price point. It is $21.00 USD for 0.10 oz. of product. I feel the formula is similar to that of the Jordana Modern Matte lipstick line which retails for $2.99 USD. I absolutely love those lipsticks and even did a post on it here. So if you wishing to try a matte lipstick without breaking the bank I would suggest to try the Jordana lipsticks. However if you do have the money to spend, I would highly recommend the Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks. 

You can get Kat Von D products exclusively from Sephora!


April Favorites

I decided to welcome myself back with a post about my favorites for this month. I know my blog has been quiet as of late. During late February and all of March I was dealing with some weird skin issues. I had zits and pimples on spots on my face I've never had before. Between the dry skin I already suffer during the cold and the breakouts I had no motivation to post anything. Every time I put on makeup I felt it didn't sit right and just felt all out gross. I ultimately decided it was much better to let my skin breathe, blemishes and all until it healed. Now that the skin has finally calmed down, I'm dabbling back into the makeup and frankly, putting a bit more effort in it. Anyway, enough chatting, here are the favorites.

1) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + : I chose the lotion version as opposed to the "gel" version because my skin is hella dry. Even now that it's warmer this lotion is great as the base for the rest of my makeup. My skin feels soft and smooth and it does not react at all. Definitely a keeper.

2) Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Toilette: I purchased this during the VIB sale. I have the original Stella which I LOVE and while this one is similar, it's lighter and crisper, a perfect perfume for spring and summer. It's floral and citrus-y but not too garden floral smelling. If you like scents like Dolce and Gabana Light Blue, the original Stella, or Versace Bright Crystal, you'll definitely like this one.

3) Stila Eyes Are the Window in Soul: Besides the beautiful packaging, this is absolutely gorgeous! I know Temptalia gave this a "meh" review but for me the shadows are buttery and smooth and I have no issues with them. I use this interchangeably with the new Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour palette which is easily becoming another favorite.

4) Smashbox PhotoReady Primer Water: I was totally sold by Jacklyn Hill when she described how much she loved this. I was a little nervous that this was a gimmicky product but this stuff really works! I don't know what it is, maybe it's the nozzle or the order of ingredients but my skin feels smooth and almost velvety. I spritz this twice or three times after my moisturizer and let it set before I go onto foundation.

5) Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation: So I originally wanted to purchase the original formula of the Silk Creme foundation, of course when I went into Sephora I found out they got rid of the old formula and have come out with this version. I read the reviews while in stores and the die-hard original formula lovers seem to hate this, but since I never tried it I figured I had nothing to lose. It's been my current go-to, leaves a nice glow without me looking like an oil slick and covers my redness. I wear the color Bamboo Beige.

6) Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Lolita: Another coveted shade. It's a darker look compared to the trendy pink brown but still suitable for everyday. It's easy to look made up with this lipstick with some tinted moisturizer and mascara. Just a side note, I've tried both the lipstick and the liquid lipstick formula. For me, the liquid lipstick set darker so I would try both in store and see which one you life more.

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