Is It Hype? Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown

I think everyone who loves makeup has heard all the praises sung about Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner ($19 USD) in Trooper. So when I was on the hunt for a new liquid eyeliner, I decided to give this a shot rather than repurchase my beloved Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I have to say, I am quite impressed.
Instead of purchasing Trooper (which was sold out anyway) I decided to get her newest addition to the Tattoo Liner line, Mad Max Brown. On the Sephora website this color is described as a "rich chocolate brown." Now I love me a nice black liner, but sometimes I do like to change things up a bit so the brown definitely intrigued me.

When I first got the liner, the product did not dispense from the brush as easily as I thought it should. I had started to fear it was a dud. So I wiped the brush back and forth on a clean paper towel to see if the liner would still skip, but after a few strokes it seems the brush absorbed product and evenly dispensed it. So if this is happening to you, just try wiping the brush on the back of your hand or paper towel to wet the brush. That has been my only mishap with this product thus far.
KVD on the top and Stila on the bottom. KVD has an edge when it comes to the preciseness of their brush tips.

Besides the stunning packaging that I come to expect from KVD, the product is stellar. The brush tip is not felt like the Stila or other company versions so it won't fray or do any other sort of funny nonsense. This brush is also very precise and allows you to make the cleanest lines, making this an ideal liner for those who love their winged eyeliner. The color itself is deep and rich which allows you to add definition to your eyes without the drama of a black liner.
And let me tell you about the staying power of this liner. Regardless of what eyeliner I wear, I will get some fading because of the way my lids are. So of course this did fade slightly but it was by far the best at being the most resistant out of any of the liners I have tried. Also, you are not going to get this liner off without any sort of makeup remover. It's that good.

So is the Tattoo Liner worth the hype? For me, yes. I had pretty high expectations and this did not disappoint whatsoever. If you are in the hunt for a new liner, give this one a shot!

You can find Kat Von D products exclusively at Sephora!

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