Lipstick Obsession: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks in Lovecraft and Lolita

I've always admired Kat Von D as an artist, whenever I would catch her on LA Ink way back in the day, I couldn't help but admire her artistry and talent. Her tattoos were always aesthetically appealing so when she came out with her makeup line in 2008 I was always intrigued but I never bit the bullet to buy any of her products. Now that I have purchased two of her lipsticks, I didn't know why I waited so long!

Out of all the colors in the Studded Kiss Lipstick line, I had my eye on both Lovecraft and Lolita, besides the enticing names they were the colors I would wear the most. Also, I've been on a matte kick as of late. Not only do they last longer, my hair doesn't stick to my lips when there's a breeze. Plus I think matte lipsticks are timeless.

Many people who have tried this lipstick line think it can be too drying. For me personally, I don't find the texture drying nor do I find that it drags uncomfortably on my lips upon application. With that being said, I would never apply this lipstick with chapped lips, unless you want to look like a hot mess! 

If you've purchased this lipstick and find it a bit drying, you can always apply some lip balm and use it as a base for the lipstick. I know many people have a lip prep during their makeup application. Remember that matte lipsticks have to be somewhat "drying" for their staying power.

From left: Lolita and Lovecraft

There is no offensive scent for these babies. Sephora describes the scent as a light creme brulee and I would definitely agree. It's not as vanilla-y as a MAC lipstick but there is a definite sweet note to the formula. I don't smell anything after it's applied though.

Another thing I love about the lipstick is the packaging. It's sleek but edgy and embodies Kat Von D wholeheartedly. I can't but to feel cool when I whip this out in public to reapply.

One of the only things I can probably say would be a determining factor is the price point. It is $21.00 USD for 0.10 oz. of product. I feel the formula is similar to that of the Jordana Modern Matte lipstick line which retails for $2.99 USD. I absolutely love those lipsticks and even did a post on it here. So if you wishing to try a matte lipstick without breaking the bank I would suggest to try the Jordana lipsticks. However if you do have the money to spend, I would highly recommend the Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks. 

You can get Kat Von D products exclusively from Sephora!


  1. The percentage difference in the price is staggering (600% more), but the actual dollar amount isn't so bad. That's a harmless (and guilt-free) way to treat yourself to something you really like...and it looks great!

    1. Since I've become an avid fan of Shark Tank I've become so much more aware of margins and markup. The cosmetic world is definitely a world where they gouge the prices!!

      and thank you!!!

    2. I'm an accountant at heart, even though I don't do accounting work anymore. :)

      Happy Mother's Day to your lovely mom!


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