Haul: My Ulta Goodies

About a weekend or so ago, the Mister and I went to Freehold Raceway Mall and I saw the ginormous Ulta they had in there (queue the heavenly music). I have to admit, I am jelly of those who live so close to the mall as it has a Sephora and Ulta both. Anyway, my loving Mister took a seat in the waiting area and I ran in with glee to look at all the goodies Ulta had to offer. I didn't end up buying too much, I'm still trying to not purchase a ridiculous amount of products that will end up sitting in my drawer. Keyword, trying.
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: Being such a fan of the Beauty Blender (I have the pink and black one) I wanted to add a low budget and affordable version to my stash. I had heard a rave review from VintageorTacky on YouTube and she stated it was comparable to the BB sponge. I have tried it and do enjoy the results from it. When damp, the sponge balloons to about twice its size which is pretty fun. As to which I like better, I'm still not too sure yet.

Real Techniques Powder Brush: Who can have enough powder brushes? I'm not going to lie, I'm lazy when it comes to washing my brushes and will just use all my clean ones until I'm forced to wash them, I know it's terrible but I'm betting a lot of girls do it! 

Real Techniques Mini Trio Set: I got suckered into this small adorable set while I was waiting in line. I have been looking for an ideal travel powder brush to throw in my travel makeup bag and I think I found it. Plus it's pink! The other two brushes were bonuses for me.

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat: I was in need of a new nail base coat, and decided to try the OPI one. Usually I stick with very basic drugstore versions like Revlon and Sinful Colors but I decided to try the OPI version instead. 

Smashbox Mini Full Exposure Palette: How friggin cute is this!? I'll admit I got suckered waiting in line (damn those compulsive buys) but seriously, this is truly the perfect travel size palette. The original large full exposure palette came out when it was the Naked 3, NARSissit, and Lorac Pro craze (and of course I own all three), so I couldn't justify purchasing another $50.00 palette with similar colors. I feel this is the perfect compromise and absolutely perfect for someone who loves neutrals. Yes, the glitter shadows do have some fallout but I apply those with my fingers gently patting down on my lid and find that to be the best answer. Another plus for me is that the six shadows are exactly what I would have chosen out of the 12 from the normal palette.

Flowery Quattro Four Way Buffer: And lastly I picked these up because a girl can never have enough nail files lying around! lol

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul. I will be posting my first empties post in a few days, it took me forever to accumulate some for a substantial post! Anyway happy Thursday!


  1. I've been wanting to get some more Real Techniques brushes too! I have my eye on the big powder brush as well and the retractable brushes for putting in my purse so I can retouch my powder during the day. I'm one of the few people who aren't a fan of the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette; it's too glittery! The mini one is adorable though!

  2. Yay for the Mister--and for you trying! I'm sure he was happy to wait and happy you found things that make you happy. A win -win outing! :)

  3. Ugh, I wish we had Ulta here in Canada! I never really knew what all the hype was about until I stepped foot in one when I was visiting Philly.. and oh my goodness. I ended up scoring three gel polishes for $2 in their clearance section! I was so overwhelmed.. I wish I had done a bit of research before I went, but now I know for next time!


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