My Back 2 MAC Pick: Faux

I had finally accumulated enough empties to bring back to the MAC counter at Macy's for their Back 2 MAC recycling program. I'm sure many of you already know about this, but if you don't I'll give you a brief description of what it is. Back 2 MAC is a recycling program in which you can give back six of your empty containers (with certain exclusions) to a MAC store, counter, or online and receive a free lipstick or eye shadow in return. From what I understand, you can only choose an eye shadow from the store. Also the containers you bring back don't have to be fully empty, any expired makeup just sitting around can be brought back too. For full information check out MAC's website here

So knowing that I was going to get a lipstick, I browsed online at MAC's collection of lippies to ultimately decide what shade to get. I didn't want to pick a color I would never wear, to be honest, I have a few already that are just collecting dust, so I wanted to get a color that I would wear often and finish. In the end I was torn between Brave and Faux. I know these two have been all the craze everywhere because of Kylie Jenner so I had hoped that these shades would still be available. Of course when I got to the counter Brave was sold out so the decision was made for me to get Faux.
Faux is described as a mauve, muted pink and is almost an identical match to my natural lip color. I find it to be a great color for every day and also for work. I was a little hesitant to get this lipstick because it is a Satin finish but after trying it on in the store, I was sold. It felt very comfortable and easy to apply.

I really enjoy the fact that MAC does this and will continue to use the program. Hope you guys enjoyed my mini post! Talk to you all very soon.


  1. gorgeous color! i should send you all my mac packagings..i always forget to bring them in!

  2. Man, I need to get my butt in to a MAC store to trade in my empties!

  3. You can do it online, especially if the MAC store is out of the way for you =D

  4. You should just throw them all in a bag and leave them in your car so you can bring them in at the MAC counter at work! <3

  5. That's a nice recycling program...and you made a great choice. The color looks great on you.

    PS - In certain parts of the south, "faux" gets mistsken for "4". :)


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