Bridal Beauty Inspiration (a Collaboration with Loverly)

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Today's post will be a little different than my usual reviews. Instead, it will be about our second favorite things, weddings and wedding dresses! Many of you know that I am a on-site wedding coordinator (a part-time gig which I absolutely love!) so I've seen my fair share of bridal dresses and makeup. It's always wonderful to see what types of beautiful looks artists come up with to make the bride feel extra special on her wedding day and I always get inspired by each bride I interact with.

There are so many types of wedding dresses on the market that it can be overwhelming to decide which is best for you. Then, when you choose the right dress, you now have to create a look that will compliment you and the dress wholly. This inspired me to want share some of my favorite dresses and looks with you and with the help of Loverly, my inspiration became this post. Have you never heard of Loverly? No? Well you should! It's an excellent site that has all your wedding planning and inspiration at your fingertips. It's great for anyone who is in the process of planning their wedding.

A Splash of Color
When I first saw this dress, I was in love! The feathered bottom with the gradient of color is the perfect way to add a bit of fun and spice to your wedding day. Since the bold colors and fabric of this dress are different than most traditional wedding dresses, I wanted the look to be neutral but not understated. Warm golds and neutrals are the perfect compliment for this beautiful purple gown. Remember that simple doesn't mean boring. With this dress, the makeup shouldn't compete with the dress rather, it should compliment it. 
A beautiful gold smokey eye would be the perfect compliment to this dress. In addition, fluttery lashes, a seashell pink blush, and a pinky-nude lipstick will enhance the bride's beautiful face. Lastly, forget about the standard French manicure, instead give nails a pop of color with a purple-pink similar to the color of the dress.

A Radiant and Blushing Bride
This gown is stunning and will show off all your beautiful curves. Trumpet styles dresses are ideal for any woman who wants to accentuate her hourglass figure. Besides the figure flattering shape of this dress, the intricate detailing of the bodice makes it extremely feminine. I didn't want to go over the top and use harsh or dark colors as it can overwhelm the gown and all of its beautiful detailing. Instead, it's best to opt for colors and products that will enhance there beauty that is already there.
For this bridal look, I felt that the makeup should just enhance everything that was already there, nothing too dramatic. Use cool toned neutral shadows to enhance the eye shape and follow with a brown liquid liner. Remember the liner shouldn't be too dramatic or winged out. Adding a strip of false lashes will open the eyes and give a doe-eyed look. Blush, lipstick, and nails should all also be neutral as well. Choose shades that compliment the skin tone and enhance existing features.

A Starlet in Lace
Probably my favorite out of the three gowns. When I saw this, I immediately thought of the classic beauty, Sophia Loren and imagined what she would look like in this stunner of a gown. I've always loved lace and feel it's such a timeless fabric. I really felt this wedding dress had that old school appeal with the high lace neck but also a modern twist with such a beautifully cut mermaid silhouette. Since this dress is so timeless and figure flattering it needs to have a killer beauty look to go with it!
The focal point of this beauty look will be the eyes. They will be dramatic and reminiscent of that Old Hollywood glamour that every woman still appreciates. Since the eyes will be dramatic, it's important to have filled in, beautiful brows. Black liquid liner is a must, along with wispy long lashes. Sculpt cheekbones with a flattering bronzer and highlight the high points of the face with a finely milled highlighting powder. Follow with mauve colored lipstick. Also choose a nude colored polish to elongate fingers.

If you want to know more about the goodies I chose for these looks head on over here and please check out Loverly, especially those who need some inspiration with their wedding planning. It's a fantastic site where you can save, shop, and plan for the wedding of your dreams.

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