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Hello everyone!

I am beginning to come out of hibernation now that it really is starting to feel like spring. I mean, this winter has been brutal to everyone here in the States! Snow, more snow, air that hurts my face. It was a vicious cycle of wash, rinse and repeat (see what I did there, hurrhurr). Anyway, now that the Uggs and majority of bulky sweaters have been put away, I feel like dolling myself up again. I can't be too mad though, March has been very quiet and peaceful, I was able to spend a beautiful March day with my mother for her birthday (sometimes you just can't express the appreciation you have for the people in your life, no matter how much you try). Now I look forward to April showers (yes really, anything but more snow and crazy wind), longer days, and of course lemming more beauty products! Now that I've blah, blah'ed for a bit, let's move on to the favorites.

1) Stella McCartney's Stella- This has hands down been my favorite perfume for the past, I would say, six months. With notes of rose, peony, and amber, I can't help but feel pretty when I wear this. It also lasts for a while, compared to some of my other perfumes, so it's a nice plus especially for the price. I love this so much that I keep the rollerball version in my purse.

2) NARS Narsissist Palette- I tried so so hard to not want this palette. I read the reviews on this and they were pretty mixed so it kept me away for a bit. Then I saw HeyClaire's Get Ready With Me video using the palette and yeah, my restraint went downhill. I went to Lord & Taylor to swatch the colors and was pretty much sold. It is very expensive, if you are content with the Naked palettes, the Lorac Pro, or the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette you can definitely skip this. I would say to only get this is if you like five or more shades because it will justify the price.

3) Maybelline The Rocket Mascara in Waterproof- I did some shopping in my makeup stash and found this little guy. I had forgotten all about this mascara and when I retried it, I fell back in love. It definitely gives volume and length and above all else, it holds my curl. I've even worn this at the gym and it didn't sweat or smear off. The highest of fives all around.

4) The Body Shop Shea Body Butter- All the Body Shop body butters are amazing but I've been using this one up. The smell is fantastic but not overpowering and it makes my legs feel super soft and smooth. I would repurchase this particular scent, but I have six other tubs to go through. 

5) Revlon Parfumerie China Flower- Another item that I tried hard to resist. I finally purchased this in combination with Pink Pineapple (I haven't tried this one yet) in a set. It smells SOOOO good. I have to admit, I have a bit of nostalgia when it comes to the smell because it definitely reminds me of my grandma. It applies beautifully and compliments plenty of skin tones.

Swatch of just how beautiful this is!

6) Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for PS3- Non-beauty related item, but I had to share for those who love Japanese RPG's. Originally released for the Ninentdo Gamecube (I know, talk about a blast from the past) and Wii,  this was remastered for the PS3. I LOVED Tales of Symphonia when I initially played it, so there was no hesitation to purchase the remastered edition. This version also includes Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World which is the sequel. I have to say, I'm not completely in love with the the sequel but the original story and game does have my heart.

Definitely check this out if you get a chance and of course once you beat the game, watch the anime!

Happy Monday and talk to you all soon!


  1. There are a few items here I would buy for my wife--she's not feeling very girly after her surgery. But if I do, she'll think I'm criticizing...I have to tread lightly.
    I'm wearing my spring jacket today. I really hope I don't have to break out anything heavier again until fall.

  2. I've been meaning to try those scented Revlon nail polishes! That colour is gorgeous and perfect for a summer mani. Does the scent last long?

  3. I'm loving the Parfumerie nail polishes, too! I've resisted China flower, but I think I might to get it soon!

  4. The NARS palette looks amazing! It's still not summer weather yet in Vancouver!! :(

    Would love if you check out my blog


    Just made various social media accounts too so if you'd like to follow me in any of them, I would really appreciate it! :)

  5. omg everyone has the NARS palette except me :(( also that nail varnish is such a gorgeous color..might have to pick that up like now


  6. I'm trying to resist that Nars palette since I have to many palettes that don't get enough love. I've tried the revlon Apricot and ginger melon so far- really pretty too.

  7. I've been eyeing the Apricot because I love the peachy pinks, I may have to get it the next time I see a sale!

    I really love the Nars palette but like you said, I have so many other ones that need some love =(.

    I miss you! <3


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