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Hello to all my lovely readers! How is everyone? I'm sorry I've neglected my baby for a while, work has picked up and by the time I'm done with it, the last thing I want to do is sit another hour or so on my laptop. The work has gotten a little lighter so huzzah for that!  I've hope you've all been well and are enjoying this gorgeous weather we have been having. It's about time!

So I've been contemplating about getting my hair done for a while. I get so bored with my hair that I constantly want to try something new. Sadly that costs money and I can't really afford to get my hair done in a new style every other week. I stayed with a dark brown/black color for a while because it was easy to maintain and kinder to my wallet but with summer just around the corner I wanted something fun.

I'm pretty easy going in terms of whatever you want to do with my hair as long as you do the job well. So I was pretty disappointed with the salon I picked previously back in January because I felt the stylist didn't do as great of a job as I thought he could have. I asked for a lob with long layers and I basically got one length. I asked for chocolate brown and he applied a semi-permanent glaze to my hair which made it black. With the price I paid for the job, I felt it wasn't worth it so I searched for another salon in my area.

Waiting for the glaze to settle into my hair

I've been wanting a red ombre for some time. In fact I've tried it before but the red basically washed out after one shampoo. When I met my new hairdresser I told her I just wanted a balayage of some kind, I made no mention of red. As she was applying the bleach to my hair she asked me if I wanted to try something different and go with a plummy/violet red for my ombre, to which I replied yes. The amount of time and care she took with my hair was really great. She applied the red glaze and didn't like the result, so she did it again, it's probably the first time a stylist has ever done that for me. Then she applied a conditioning cocktail to my hair to make it super lush and soft. I'm very impressed with the color and know that even though the red will fade, it will still look nice.

The cut she gave is exactly what I wanted. Lots of layers with some bounce. I know that this is the type of cut that I won't have to worry too much about styling after I wash it, which is great for me, especially in the warmer months.

Photo taken with my iPhone with flash

Overall I was very happy with the way my hair turned out.With the proper care, I won't have to back until around mid-August for a touch-up. If any of my readers live in the Long Branch area, check this salon out and ask for Becky, she'll do wonders to your hair!

Brush Salon


  1. Glad to see a post from you, Steph! The red and layers look so pretty on you! I've been going to the same hair salon since I was a baby because my mom's friend worked there and it's just really cheap. I can't wrap my head around spending more than $20 for a haircut that I might not like because I only spend about $10 now.... One day when I'm financially set perhaps I'll take the plunge :/

  2. I'm glad things have lightened up at work. We missed you! Your hair turned out great. I hope the stylist sticks around.

    Is an hombre a dude with ombre? :)

  3. I like that color on you! It's great that she went back and redid what she did, it's hard for me to tell them I don't like what I see.


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