Review: NYX Butter Gloss

I should have stated this as a product rave because I am totally digging these NYX Butter Glosses! I purchased six out of the 12 shades and really love each one. Plus, who can not love the name Butter Gloss? With scrumptious names like Apple Strudel, Peaches and Cream and Eclair, it's very hard to resist these budget friendly glosses. So of course I end up with six instead of just one or two. 
The texture of these are smooth and buttery and only have a bit of tack to help with the lasting power. When I have these glosses on, my lips feel moisturized. Once the gloss fades or is wiped off, my lips feel soft and smooth. No peeling lips here! As for the pigmentation, I love these. Some of the glosses, like Creme Brulee and Maple Blondie, are more sheer while the darker shades like Peach Cobbler are bold and opaque. The sheer glosses mute my pigmented lips just enough and are great for everyday. Sometimes I'll even use these to layer over my lipstick for a milky pout. If you want a more pigmentation, choose one of the darker shades. These do have a sweet scent which dissipates after the gloss has been applied. I don't find it offensive or overly sweet but those who are sensitive may find it bothersome.

-Buttery gloss like the name implies
-Variety of shades
-Cute Packaging
-Moisturizes and softens lips

-Some may not like the scent
-Some may not like the sheerness of certain colors
-NYX can be hard to find locally in some areas

Repurchase? YES!


  1. Get more!! I think you would love Eclair =)

  2. it looks like ill love it too! i really like the creme brulee and tirimisu!

  3. I have yet to come across a negative review on these so I'm highly interested in trying them! The first four look different when swatched on your hand but quite similar once on the lips. So I guess I won't need to collect too many of the lighter shades (once I'm off my ban). Peach Cobbler looks so nice on you!

  4. i love peach cobbler the most! hi steph.. do you still remember me? =) hope you could visit my blog too http://rhaichael.blogspot.com/ hugs!

  5. Of course I remember you Rhania!! I hope you and your baby are well! :)

  6. I think my lips are so pigmented that most sheer, light colors look similar. The tones are different though, like Maple Blondie pulls more coral while Creme Brûlée pulls more pink. But I think these would look fabulous on you! Ulta usually has BoGo for NYX on these and that's when I got mine. :)

  7. awww.. thank you hun! also, i wanna great you a belated happy birthday! my baby is growing so fast! she'll turn t this 12th of nov =) do you have IG account i wanna add you as well =)

  8. Thank you for the birthday wishes! And wow, I can't believe how fast time flies, I remember when you were first pregnant! My IG is BuggieBean so please add me! It would be great to keep connected that way :)

  9. i miss your blog posts i thought you leave blogging already =( havent heard anything from steph also (julu jewelry) mine is rhaichael =) i would add you =)

  10. They are all nice, but peaches and cream and peach cobbler are my favorites. I must be in the mood for peaches. :) Which brings me to a goofy question...do they smell and/or taste like their names??? If they do, I don't know if that would be interesting or weird when I kiss my sweetie.

  11. The two 'peach' colours are right up my alley!

  12. I knew they would be! I think you would love these too!

  13. They smell sweet, I wish they would smell like their names! But there isn't really much of a taste so you wouldn't have to worry about that. The only thing you would have to worry about is transferring it onto your lips when you kiss your hunnie!

  14. Okay, I definitely need these in my life!!! I have all of the cream glosses but now these butter ones are tempting :D

  15. I have a few of the cream ones but I definitely like these better! Definitely give these a try, I don't think you will be disappointed!!


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