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With so many foundations on the market these days it can be quite confusing deciding which one(s) are the best for you. Instead of standing in the makeup aisle or department store looking dazed and confused, decide at home what you want first. Do you want full coverage? Light to medium coverage? Do you want liquid, cream or powder? Once you've figured that out, search online and read some reviews from popular sites like Makeup Alley or from blogs. Chances are that there will be dozens of reviews. Or if you haven't a clue at all what you need, places like Sephora now have a foundation matching system to help clients find the right match and finish.

For me, when I select a foundation, there is a certain criteria that needs to be met. I generally gravitate toward liquid formulas and like semi-matte finishes. For coverage I prefer light to medium coverage, I don't like looking too perfect or made up if that makes sense. Anyway, after going through a phase of just purchasing foundations just to try, I realized it was a waste of money and space. I had bottles and jars of unused foundations just collecting dust in my drawer. So now if there is a foundation that does pique my interest, I will research it first and then decide whether or not it's right for me. I do admit, it is easier for me to determine this with higher end foundations since you are able to test them in store and to ask for a sample to take home with you. 

My skin does change with the seasons. During the summer, I tend to get oily, combination skin that needs to be blotted throughout the day. In the cooler months from late fall through the winter, my skin gets very dry. Because of this, I have to buy foundations for different seasons. It's a little tedious but it needs to be done. The only thing that does not change with my skin is the coverage it needs. Sometimes I do have an occasional breakout here or there, but that's what concealer is for. So after much testing and trying, here are my current favorite foundations, from both the winter and summer.
From Left to Right:
1-L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder in 320(Natural Beige)-This is a foundation that will fair well with oilier skins since it does transform from liquid to a soft powder on the skin. I think I will be only using this in the warmer months because I have a feeling this will accentuate dry patches. I do like that is a bit on the sheerer side so even if I am a little lighter or darker than the color, I can still use it.

2-NARS Sheer Glow in Ceylan-I love this foundation. I actually can't wait to start using it again once my tan fades a bit. Currently I am probably closer to the Punjab/Stromboli shade so putting this on my face would mean disastrous results. It's a medium coverage foundation that has the ability to become heavy coverage if you layer. It evens out my face to the point where I don't use concealer.

3- Make Up For Ever HD Liquid foundation in 120/123-This was probably my first high-end foundation, well besides my MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I remember cringing slightly at the price tag but after using it, I don't regret the purchase at all. It's a medium coverage foundation that evens skin and provides a smooth, "high definition" finish. Regardless of how I apply this, it always looks smooth on my face. A definite favorite. I alternate between this and the NARS for special events or for days where I want to look extra polished.

4-Urband Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup in 4.0-Another summer favorite. It's super light weight and very sheer in coverage. When I was trying to find a shade, I found that I could fit a range of colors but settled on 4.0 after reading many bloggers who had a NC 25-30 chose this shade. This is not an ideal foundation for those who have a lot of hyperpigmentation or acne scars. I actually find this and the L'Oreal Magic Nude foundation a bit similar in terms of texture and coverage. I'm not too sure how this will fare in the winter, but we will see.
Here are the foundations swatched: (From L to R) L'Oreal, NARS, MUFE, Urban Decay

So remember when choosing a foundation, be selective. Like with everything else, don't settle for something that is OK, get a foundation that satisfies all your needs and wants. It will save you a lot of money and aggravation. Hope you enjoy this post! Talk to you all soon!


  1. I absolutely LOVE my UD Naked foundation! It's my all time favourite. I've tried to find some drugstore alternatives, but I haven't come across anything that I like as much. I have the L'oreal Magic Nude foundation as well but I'm on the fence. I left it at the BF's house so I don't have to bring a make-up bag if I want to shower at his place, and I find it really accentuates my skin (in a bad way). Then again, I've only ever used it right after a shower, which is usually when my skin is at its most fickle. I've been meaning to try the MUFE foundation but the price tag hurts just a little too much... :( Will try and go for samples soon. Thanks for the review!

  2. gah, i wished these worked for me! but as we always talk about..i should just stick with what works instead of trying new ones already knowing that im not gonna likey! love this post though cause it made me realize how much stuff i buy to try or cause it looks pretty..and then it SITS there.

  3. I REALLY want to try the Armani one you have since it will pair well with dry skin, but I want to finish what I have first...which may take a while! T.T

  4. The L'oreal one I think is not ideal for people with acne scars or dry patches. I've used it once when I had a healing pimple/scab and it looked gross on, so I know what you mean! The UD was the only foundation I used in Vegas and I loved it! =)

    I hope the MUFE works for you! Let me know!

  5. I end up dazed and confused too often when I shop for anything other than groceries. :)


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