Mini Date Haul

Having an entire lifestyle change means looking at your life, well in all aspects. This means bettering your mind and body as a whole and finding new ways to do this. So when the Mister and I decided to change our minds and bodies for the better, we needed to take a look at our diet and clean it up. To be frank, it was horrendous. Tons of refined carbs, sugar and sodium. Like they say, you can't outwork a bad diet. We cleaned out our fridge and filled it with healthy, leafy greens, lean proteins and complex carbs. Now, a giant misconception about eating clean or healthily is that it's tasteless and boring. I beg to differ. I've been finding more ways to season my food without the aid of tons of salt and I love it! I actually prefer eating cleaner than eating all the junk food I used to love (I'm looking at you Son of Baconator!)

On Saturday after our workout, the Mister and I saw just how gorgeous it was outside. We decided to take a walk to Pier Village, a shopping hub along the beach, and take in some vitamin D. The walk is about a mile to and back but in great company it doesn't feel long at all.

After treating myself to some frozen yogurt (yummmm) we stopped by one of our favorite stores, Carter & Cavero. This store is amazeballs. It specializes in olive oils and several types of balsamic vinegar. The store also dabbles in some olive oil based beauty products and contains other miscellaneous treats like specialty teas and plates made out of Himalayan pink salt! The store is very dangerous because you can sample each and every type of oil and vinegar and you can easily spend a good hour in there tasting everything. After much sampling and debating we decided on four bottles: two oils (garlic and tuscan herb) and two vinegars (red apple and coconut.) I also helped myself to some boxes of tea because I'm a tea hoarder and also because drinking water can get kinda boring!

Precious treasures waiting to be upwrapped!

The Tuscan herb olive oil is the bomb-dizzle! Dip some warm french bread in it and trust me, you'll be in heaven! The coconut balsamic vinegar smells and tastes delicious, I added a bit of this to my grilled tuna and it was a party in my mouth. I haven't used the apple balsamic yet, but I think it will be great with some grilled asparagus or salmon!

I've tried Harney & Son's tea in the Barnes and Noble Starbucks near my house and have loved every flavor. While I was in the store, they had "test tins" which was basically a tea bag in the tin so you could smell each one. These three were my favorite. I love any type of green tea pretty much and the Mister loves cinnamon tea. The vanilla comoro was so decadent smelling and it's decaffeinated, which means I can enjoy this at night without worrying about sleeping troubles!

I hope you liked my mini haul! As I find more interesting finds in food and health, I will post more. I'm thinking of incorporating reviews on different types of health foods, I know there are some readers who are interested in improving their overall health. If you would like to see that, please let me know! Feedback is always a plus. Hope you all had a great Wednesday. Two more days till the weekend!


  1. This is so awesome :) I like sampling olive oils and vinegars. Vinegars add so much flavor to anything ^_^ I love it! and I am a tea lover too... hoarder as well. I have yet to try these teas you bought but I was at a B&N today! LOL Shouldn't have bought that coffee!

    Good luck w/your whole lifestyle change. Hope it's still well!!!

  2. You seemed pretty healthy already, but I understand wanting to do better. I'm going to look for those balsamics.


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