You're a Grinch, Sandy

Just wanted to update anyone who reads this of my current situation since the power just turned back on. Had a mandatory evacuation of Long Branch and am currently staying at me and Beau's close friends' apartment. While our apartment building is still standing, it has taken extensive damage and we do not know when we will be able to go back and live in it. We are very lucky to have people who love us and are willing to take us in. I have been lucky to be in such great company and so grateful as well.

It's always amazing what a natural disaster does to perspective. So when I read tweets of how devastated people are about not having coffee/alcohol it infuriates me. There are so many people right now who don't have homes right now and all you can think about is coffee? Just because you aren't affected, or affected as severely it doesn't mean you take the devastation lightly.

I hope everyone who is able to read this on the east coast is doing all right. I'm praying for all of you.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has been constantly texting/calling my phone to make sure we were OK. AT&T still has some shotty service so I apologize if I do not reply right away.

Be safe everyone and never take for granted all the wonderful things you have, cause it can be gone in an instant.


  1. <3 you and glad you`re safe!

  2. Sorry to read about your home and the troubles you are going through :( Hope you can move back in soon and that everything can return back to normal! Although my neighborhood was not badly affected it was shocking to see how fragile our city and homes are in the face of a natural disaster. Hopefully we will be better equipped next time!

  3. So glad you're okay and in a safe place. It's humbling when we realize how many people would be thrilled to have any roof over their head or even to just have a can of something like baked beans (+ can opener) to eat.


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