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Hi my lovely readers!

Hope everyone is having a nice fresh start to the week. Don't let those Monday blues get you down. Think of the beginning of the week as the start of being an even more awesome person (cause I know you all are pretty awesome already!)

I picked up a few things from the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection. They of course, were all lip products. I already had two of the Kissable lipcolours from the Peacocky collection which launched last January, but I went ahead and included them in the pictures. There is a slight difference in packaging between the two collections. The Shop Mac lipcolours have a thick black stripe on the tube while the Peacocky lipcolors do not.

I also picked up a lipstick from the collection. I had really wanted Quick Sizzle, but it sold out like a hotcake so no luck there. I settled for Watch Me Simmer, which is a crazy bright coral, pink shade. It's very spring.

The last thing I picked up was the Tendertone in Tread Gently. I have to say...I LOVE this. Oh man. I made mention to my mom how much I loved them when we passed the MAC store in Grand Central, and she just told me I have a package from MAC coming...I wonder if she got me more.

Did any of you purchase anything from the collection? I would love to know!


  1. I love Watch Me Simmer on you! So pretty.. i'm actually loving Scandelicious too ;D xx

  2. I love Watch Me Simmer. How pretty is it! :)

    I am having a good monday so far :D love your encouraging words!

  3. Livia is right, WMS and Scandelicious are both really pretty, with So Vain rounding out my to 3 favs.

    I'm hoping to get some sleep. My wife is sick (I'm taking good care of her--cooking, shopping, etc) and it's making her snore like a freight train. I tried the couch last night, but it's uncomfortable and she was offended I changed rooms. LOL!

  4. i like the "WOO ME" and "SO VAIN" on you hun ^_^

  5. I still haven't gone and swatched the collection at the store. thanks for the pics..


  6. I also have watch me sizzle, but it definitely appears more warm, peachy orange than how it appears on you. ..despite the fact that my lip has darker pigmentation... Its nice either way!

  7. I'm sorry about sharing the sadness--and also sorry you had the same experience with your grandmother.

    But you ended up making me smile. You're a wonderful girl! =)

  8. How long-lasting are the kissable lip colours? I've been intrigued, but not enough to bite the bullet!

  9. OMg, so kissable! I love it!

  10. Holy smoke, you went crazy with the Mac Cook collection yeh! :D for some reason I didn't really like any of thier lipstick, i really thought the kissable lipcolours are gorgeous though! ;)

  11. wow watch me simmer is bold! I came by so see how it looks on you because it is being re-promoted in the summer. I think I"ll pass.. but "reel sexy" sounds promising!


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