Review: Maybelline Superstay 10 Hour Stain Gloss

When Maybelline announced their new line in the Superstay collection, I gravitated more towards their cream eyeshadows and lipsticks, staying away from the bright white packaging of their stain glosses. Eventually, I saw a sale at my CVS where it was a buy one get one half off and decided to finally try it. 
The reviews I had read before purchasing led to varying opinions of the product. Some bloggers hated it, while others claimed it was a possible dupe for the high end YSL Rouge Pur Couture. Having never tried the YSL liquid lipstick, I had no expectations of this being an amazing product. 

Upon arriving home, I peeled off the packaging (be sure to buy a sealed tube! I found plenty already with the seal removed, meaning gross and tampered gloss ::insert disgusted face::) and opened each tube to examine the contents. The first thing that hit me was the scent of the product. It's very fruity, in fact, it reminds me of a candy I used to eat, except I can't remember the name of it. Bottom line, if you're sensitive to sweet, fruity smells, you may not enjoy this product. The smell does go away after some time and it doesn't taste overly sweet, not that we should be eating our gloss anyway! ::looks guilty::

The skeptic in me highly doubted the 10 hour claim, and the skeptic in me was correct. I ate, drank and ate some more with this gloss on and while the sheen and glossiness of the product came away, it left a nice stain on my lips. It's the stain that lasts for quite a few hours, about five to six hours. In the end I had to scrub my lips to remove the remaining color. 

The texture of the gloss feels a bit like a liquid lipstick or stain and can seem drying to the lips. I do recommend NOT putting a balm before applying this if you want staying power. Not only will the balm cause the product to slip around, it will create a barrier, preventing the product from being absorbed by your lips.

Pink Plush -It's the lightest color out of the line and leans a little more red than pink. There is some shimmer but no grittiness when you press your lips together. While I do like this color a lot, it's the least glossy out of the three I purchased.

Ruby Indulgence -This is a beautiful red. It is also very opaque as you can tell from the swatch. Very glossy and leaves a beautiful cherry popsicle stain on your lips.

Mauve Dream - This isn't really a mauve color. In fact, I don't see any purple tones in this color at all. It's a very neutral color that I feel can be appropriate for any environment. This leaves the "just bitten"color to your lips.

-Twist sealed packaging, longer self life
-Opaque colors
-Smooth application
-Leaves a nice stain for a few hours

-Not a huge range of colors
-Does not live to the 10 hour claim
-Bulky packaging
-Applicator tip may be too large for those with thin, small lips

Would I Repurchase?
-High possibility because I do like the opacity and how smooth the product feels on my lips.

Have any of you lovely readers purchased these gloss stains? If so, what are your opinions? Do you have a favorite? 


  1. You make them all look great! Does your beau care one way or the other about you wearing fruity tasting gloss? My wife has worn some stuff that was kind of unpleasant.

  2. thanks for sharing these, I actually haven't tried these yet and now I'm not sure whether to try one.. I love their colour sensational lipsticks though :)

    great blog by the way.. im now following. Maybe you could follow back. I would so love it if you do xx


  3. I have bought this product and it did not last more than an hour on my lips so no different to any of the others.


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